Help with Van electrical?

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    My extra vehicle a 99 plymouth voyager that I drive to work when I leave my pull vehicle at home has electrical problems. It has a intermittent short somewhere that dims all the lights, gauges quit working and doors lock automatically when electrical comes back on. It usually does it when I decelarate,
    It is not worth alot and dont want to replace stuff unnecessarily. I think it is one of the big three as I am not getting any blown fuses: battery, starter or alternator.
    Anybody had this happen before or can help me trouble shoot?
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    So this is a short that comes and goes whenever it wants or can you duplicate it at will by decelerating? I would start with a simple alternator test. Use a DC voltmeter and check the voltage at the battery while the vehicle is running. It should be about 14 volts +/- 1/2 a volt. If it's acceptable try the output on the alternator itself. If you don't have a voltmeter. While the vehicle is running remove the neg. terminal from the battery. If the vehicle dies replace the alternator.
    If the alternator proves to be functional you may want to start removing your accessory fuses one at a time in attempt to find the troubled circuit. This isn't an easy one to diagnose over the web. The more info you can provide the faster we can fix it...
    Good luck,

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    Back yard specialist view.... check altanator first then ignitin box.....either way it is gonna hurt the pocket :eek:oooh:betting on the altinator but NOT ruling out the box:wink: