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    im from chicago and there are some big cats in the river ive had privelege to hook onto them in the summer but i knoow they dont disappear in to thin air where i fish is a water fall then bout a half mile down stream there is a waterplant across the river and where i fish is calm water with these 4 pipes going from the water underground to behind where i fish its where they collect water and balance the depth of the river but where i fish its about 7' deep and right to the right is a bridge how and where might be a good place to fish for the winter channel cats in the river (its the north branch of the chicago river off the lawrence st bridge) can anybody help me
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    Find the deepest hole.


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    :) Like Rain man Suggested Fishing the deepest hole. But as we know the chicago river isn't that deep the deepest point being in the main channel 26 feet deep. Your probaly fishing the closest spots near home. For some good cat action right now you can hit some warm water discharges not those little pipes where warm water comes out but an actual water reclamation plant. The catfish will congergate around this area, And will provide decent fishing all through the winter months the ideal spot in my mind right now is Howard and mc Cormick. Perfect spot for Nice channel catfish to be. Right now the Average temperature for the river is 62 Degrees which means you dont nessecerily have to target those deep holes... A simple sumerged tree in at least 7-10 feet of water will pull in a few.

    good luck out there !!