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    Hey guys long time since ive been on. Ive been fishing the potomac alot recently (around fairview) and ive noticed tides play into the fishing alot there, as well with all the rivers in va. until recently i havent been so concerned with them but as i get older and work more and more my time fishing becomes more and more valuable so i was wondering how to know when fishing will be good or bad so that i can make the best of the trips any info on tides or solar/lunar stuff what ever makes the fish more active will help thanks!~nick
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    You're gonna get a bunch of different replies on this one.

    I don't go by the lunar stuff, but alot of guys do.

    As far as tides, when it's rolling, the fish will relate to structure more to stay out of the current, so fish structure. Fishing at slack tide can be great too, and my pb 55# came during slack tide. So they say the fish move around at slack tide, so get some baits into the channel when it's slack. I've had good results on both incoming and outgoing tides, don't really prefer one over the other. However, I've had better luck in creeks and shallow water bays on the incoming tide.

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    Just get out and fish when you can. I look to the tide charts only to see what the river will be doing when I get there. If you put the bait in front of the fish, it will eat. He isn't going to turn down a meal just because the tide is flowing a different direction. As my Dad used to say: "The two best times to fish are when it's raining, and when it's not." The same applies to tides. It ain't no "Rocket Surgery". :smile2:
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    I second that statement. I used to check the tides but thought to myself, "Does really it matter? I am gonna go fishin anyway." So I just roll with the tide and fish no matter what. The only difference on the incoming and outgoing tide is which direction your boat will be pointing when you anchor down. Fish hard and often for a healthier life (or at least piece of mind).
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    When I have the option to pick and chose, I'll fish the new, on a falling barometer, on an outgoing tide... But that's for a planned trip.... otherwise, as mentioned... Try to put it in their face, anytime you can go!
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    One day when the fishing was poor and I was getting frustrated, a guy pulled up to me and asked if I would be interested in a stringer full!

    From experience I have learned that bad fishing days are most ofen due to my limited presentation skills and/or understanding of the body of water. One good thing about bad fishing days is that I am forced to try new ways of dangling the bait in front of the fish.

    Have fun!