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    When my place was built in 1983, the only access was a road/damn built through the middle of a farm pond about 1 acre in size. During the last few years the beavers have invaded and have a lodge on each side of the road. They routinely clog the culverts between the ponds, raising the water level on one side which softens and erodes the side of the road. I nab a few out in the open with a shotgun every now and then, but I've been told the best way to control them is with snares. I got me a couple and set them on obvious slides and trails but have had no luck. Any pointers all you well seasoned trappers can give me will be much appreciated.
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    the problem with shooting beaver is when you do that it tends to make them hole up so hold off shooting them if you can.
    if the beaver are using the slides then take a 5 ft 3/32 snare and stake it on the the snare to a full size loop .then make sure the snares bottom is resting on the ground .this set up will catch a lot of beavers by the tail with out any fur damage.

    also you can set up a castor mound using traps or snares.after you set your trap or snare goe back aprox 6 ft behind the snare and put you out a castor mound ,all this is a pile of mud and grass from the water with a good beaver lure like dobbins back breaker or asa lenons beaver lure.

    what makes snaring so easy on beaver as they don't become trap shy like they do with traps.

    if you plan on snaring them by almeans make sure you put out several because some times the beavers will feed in one area on one night and some were else the next.

    also those coverts can be set up with snares or 330 conibears and they both will work.

    if you need any more help just pm me.
    i might not be on here much because as a professional trapper i'm always (in most cases) in the woods

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    Get ya some 330 conniber traps. They do the trick better than snares. Put the connebers on in the slides and runs and they will get them good. One of the best places to put a conniber is at the down side of the dam. Look at the dam real good and you will see a slick spot on it where the beaver slide over the dam to check the down side of the dam and to work on it. Put the conniber at the bottom of that slide out in the water to where the conniber is about halfway in the water. When a beaver slides down the slide he will slide right into the trap.
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    You also might want to check out building beaver guards. If done right by my understanding it will prevent the beavers from being able to dam up the pipes. I seen it on TV a couple months ago. The built several of them. Here is a link to the US Forestry Service. This talks about several different types of beavers guards you can make.
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    Snares will work but I agree with Kevin on the 330's or even better yet, 660's. I've noticed that the more beaver you catch out of a spot the harder those last ones get to catch. When I'm nuisance traping for people I go in and trap them real hard for a couple of days, and when the trapping slows down tear out their dams. Most of the time they will move on. Make sure whatever you do is legal in texas before you do anything. Good luck.