Help with lite spinning combo.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by bolivar 0637, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. bolivar 0637

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    Alma, Arkansas
    I would like to put togeather a good lite or ultra-lite spinning reel & rod set for bluegill/crappie fishing. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. xringer3

    xringer3 New Member

    I like the abu garcia 101 spinning reels. I use them for trout and crappie. They're basically the same as the 100, just have a longer spool that holds more line. They will cast farther with the longer spool.

    I've got mine on a couple of Bass Pro Shop micro lite rods (mine are 7ft) and LOVE them for trout fishing. They work great for crappie too. I've also got one on a 51/2ft abu garcia conolon lite action also. It also works great. I just prefer the longer rods with lighter line to fight the fish. Now and then I get a pretty good size trout on the 4lb test line in strong current. We've heaved in up to 10lb fish in the strong current with the combo, and worked great!

    Hope this helps.

  3. FS Driver

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    for tiny circle hooks i like to use an ultralite 5 foot uglystik and i have a mitchell 310 x ultralite reel attached to it it makes a great panfish combo
    especially useing circle hooks that whippy action pole tip sets the hook for you.
    my other favorite ul combo is a 5.5 quantum im7 rod and quantum reel
    i forget the size but its a little feller and smooth as silk to cast and reel in
    this rod has a bit more backbone at the tip and you can pull small jigs through the water and feel whats going on , or if you feel like ripping lips:embarassed: go for it !:lol:
  4. astutzman

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    Collinsville, IL
    I'll second the 5' UL ugly stick rod choice. I've used one for about 5 years now, and haven't had a problem. I use it mostly for crappie fishing, but once while fishing for crappies with a jig I hooked into a four pound channel and (eventually got it into shore). Back when we were still dating, the wife was catching bluegills with it and hooked into something big, which turned out to be a six pound buffalo. Those Ugly Sticks are pretty much indestructable.

    If I got another one, I'd go with one of their crappie rods though, for the added length.
  5. foodsaver

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    I bought a wally marshall crappie combo on sale at BPS for 29.99 and it is great. IM7 graphite rod and 6 bearings in the reel and it is paired with 4lb wally marshall green crappie line. It does a wonderful job on taking care of the panfish.
  6. chuck99

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    Not exactly a spinning combo, but I use 2 ZEBCO 11 (spincast), very small reels with 4LB test line, an 5 foot Stealth rods. Stealth rods (I see them only at a local Mom and Pop bait store) are like bass rods on a smaller scale, light action tip with a lot of backbone. I find I have more casting (under trees and overhangs) control with this spincast reel than an open face spinniing reel. This combination has a light enough tip to feel very light bites and enough backbone to horse in 3 lb crappie and bass.