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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by jerellman, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. jerellman

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    First of all, what is a limb line? I am shore bound due to no boat and was wondering of another way to fish. Anyone got a picture of one?
  2. paleocaver

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    I don't have a picture of one. But basically a limb line consists of a length of line (usually braided or twisted nylon - 100 lb test or better) tied off to a green flexible limb overhanging the water. The line is baited with your favorite bait and left overnight. It's fun to approach a line and see the limb shaking from the cat below. Use a little bit of weight to keep the hook down and vary the baits to see what's hot at the moment. Good baits for me in the past are bluegill, creek chubs, and cut shad. Expect channels and flats for the most part.

    Since you are shore bound and reaching optimal limbs may get you wetter than you want, try bank poles. Check out the BOC library (Informative Member Posts) for ways to make some. They are basically a length of PVC pushed into the bank rigged like a limb line.

    Running limb lines is always fun but beware of wasp nests and the every rumored snakes when searching for good tie-off points.