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    I have a 4 cylinder 50hp merc outboard s/n A132885. I have talked to three different marine dealer/ repair shops and they were unable to help. First-- what year is this engine? The best anyone could say was that it was probably mid 80's. Second-- when I stop the motor to use the trolling motor, it leaks gas in the water. It doesn't matter if the motor is up or down, but does leak worse in the up position. I have even unplugged the gas line and run the motor till it starts to sputter and it still leaks. The carbs seem to be wet with gas most of the time. I've looked and watched for a leak in the motor compartment but don't see anything. The 3 repair guys I've talked to all say something different, EXCEPT that labor for rebuilding the carbs is about $100-130 not including parts. Any info about problem or best places to get parts would be greatly appreciated.
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    I had a motor doing this and I finally noticed that the float bowls had small cracks that I could not even see, I had to run the motor and watch for the leak. Are you bowls plastic or aluminum?

    Best advice I could give you would be to put in on the muffs. Completley dry the carbs, fuel lines, everything that has fuel running through it. With everything being dry it should be easier for you to pin point where the leak is coming from. Hope this helps.

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    That number I can't find anything on. I need you to tell me what is exactly written on the data tag and on the front of the cowling It should give you a model number or name so we can run this thing down so we can dertmine what type of carbs you have. If you could post a picture of the carbs it would help and your leak could be coming from the fuel pump itself.