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Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by Scott Daw, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I cant make fried chicken worth a lick. and to boot my digital thermometer died and it wont work even after changing batteries. do you keep the skins on? how long do you cook it & how do you get that great crust like kfc with out a pressure cooker?
  2. Eithne

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    Our choice is Shore Lunch brand breading for chicken, fish, etc. It's delicious and John just told me it's probably better than KFC chicken.

    We use skinless chicken that's been dipped in egg (or milk) and coated with the breading.

    Then fry it in a pan or skillet with enough oil to cover about half of the chicken.

    The box says 4 minutes each side, but I usually let it go for up to 10 for a nice brown crust. Depends on how hot the oil is, I guess, and I never check mine.

    I let the chicken sit on paper towels for a few minutes to let the grease drip off and the crust crisp up.

    Nothing special, but I haven't heard a complaint yet. :roll_eyes: :big_smile:

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    Check yer grocery for "seasoned flour". Big brand here is Kentucky Kernel.
    Grandma's used to shift their own receipes for seasoned floor, but basically was salt, pepper, and whatever their mom's had used.....then the other thing is consistant temp. Cast iron is great for this or even an electric skillet is better than most stovetop units. Ya want a pinch to sizzle when ya drop it in yer oil. Bout 325 for electric. Least 10 minutes each side. Then yer seasoned floor is also good for cube steak, pork chops, squash, whatever. Chicken really is'nt good unless well done. I dip the pieces in milk and egg beaten together for chicken, just water for cube steak or chops.
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    Temple, Tx.
    Scott, If you want that great crisp crust mouth watering chicken....heres how. 1st and foremost I turn th oven on 150 or low or warm. Then, I take reg flour, mix in season salt, garlic salt, pepper, a pinch of ceyenne (sp) pepper. for th batter, I use plain ole butter milk. add a lil water if u dont want it so thick. If your cookin th chicken w/th bones in it, you hafta make sure you cook it thouroughly, cook all th blood out of th bones to. cook it slow so you dont burn th outside. like was said earlier, u want oil to come up 1/2 way on th chicken. Next, take a broil pan, u know th ones w/slots it them. I place th chicken on that, make sure u have a cookie sheet under it for th oil to drain into. put that into th oven to keep it warm while you finish cookin all th chicken. I do it that way cuz I have an army to feed. We have a big family of big eaters, I cook alot of with this entre I will also cook scallopped potatoes, and green bean caserole. glass of sweet tea and you got yourself a meal fit for a King.