Help with bait tank ideas and filteration

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Montgomery

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    this is what i'm looking for . and was wondering if anyone could help me with advice. i want to get the biggest cooler i can find. one with handels and wheels maybe. and i want to find a battery powerd water pump. or basically somthing to circulate the water as much as i perfer. plus of course airrate it. i have aquarium power heads and what not . and i know i can find regular water pumps. but i need somthing that can run off of the smallest battery possible . do they make pumps what will not air the water , but pump it . that even run on batteries. and if not how could i convert a regular water pump .into runnng off some type of battery. i would also like a way to add filter media to my pump. make it a full functional filter . can anyone hlep me with my idea.
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    The only water pumps I know of run off of 12 volt batteries, they are just aerator pumps for boats. I rigged one up to run off my truck batt with quick disconnects in the bed and then I can move it to my boat and run off my battery there. All they do is suck water from outside your boat and when the live well fills up it goes out of a discharge pipe. I just use it to recirculate the water thats in the tub.