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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by richmondherperman, Oct 20, 2008.

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    I have a place to fish i know people catch flats there and during the day but i spent 3 hours and did not even find a good spot all the down timber is in vary shallow water and and below the rapids there are vary deep holes in shallow water 8 to 20 feet with no timber in the bottom would that work during the day? I have seen people fishing there during the day and he lost a nice one but he was not fishing a down tree by the looks. I should be able to find a nice eddy because there is a dam above and the main spilway in the middle has so much current i all most got killed there and it carves a path a mile down river so will that area below the dam work during the day or am i better off casting in to the deep holes?
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    they can be anywhere depending on weather and river conditions. i would start by putting a bait in the front, middle, and back of the deep holes in daytime under normal conditions. there should be some kind of trash in those holes bro. make sure you try fresh cut and live baits as well. they seam to be more picky in the daytime,so you got to give them what they want.

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    They are very picky indeed and about everything...bait, holding spots, when they bite, how they bite etc.
    Catching them takes allot of patience, determination and resolve. Not to mention luck... but hang in there, fishing for them has allot of ups and downs. . but even when I don't get a bite I try to learn something.

    Hang in their it'll come. :wink:
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    from the look of the fish pat is holding i would probally listen to him
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    This time of the year I would definatly fish the deep stuff. Try cut bait and live bait. I have found that cut bait works better in the fall/winter. Try fishing the timber next summer when they are spawning.