Help---Stuck on the bank again!

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by FWFeecherman, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Hello Bob and Bubba's outboard Advice! I hope all is well. Pretty new to the BOC and juts found this area. I have about as much ability with tools in my hands as a catfish does. It never seems to work. On top of that I am flat broke and can't afford to take it to one of my local shops who want my first born in excange. Here is the problem and Im hoping maybe you guys can give me some advice.

    I have a 1971 25horse Johnson. It has been running great for me for the last two years. Sometimes it didnt seem to plane all the way out, but that didnt bother me because I put a deck on my boat and I think I may have made it too heavy. Anyway, all of a sudden I'll be moving right along and it will just quit like its running out of gas. The motor is still running, but it will stutter like crazy and then a second or two later it hits and keeps on running like nothing is wrong. I'll go about 100 yars or so and it will do it again. I thought maybe something was in my gas line or something so I emptied all of the gas, installed an in-line filter, but it is still doing it. I opne the cover to look at the motor and it is completely clean, there is no leak of anything, and everything seems fine. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks and tight lines and screamin clickers to ya!!!
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    I am not a technician as BobPaul or Bubbakat, but I'd say you either have trash in your carb which blocks your high speed jets, or the diaphram in your fuel pump is stiff or has a pinhole. Gotta be connected with the fuel. Carb kits for your motor s/b about $15.00 per carb, and most anyone with who can read can rebuild the carbs. I'd do that first and then, if the problem continues, I'd rebuild the fuel pump at about $15.00 also.

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    Try pumping your fuel bulb to pressurize your system and look for leaks without the motor running, at home.

    The next time it does this try pumping your fuel bulb again and see if it clears up. Go out just to see if you can get it to act up, and try the fuel bulb thing.

    You'll be checking for fuel pump problems in that running test.

    Do you know if you've got a CDI ignition system or still with points and condenser? I can't remember when it changed to CDI.
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    Bob he should have points in that one they changed them around 75 or 76.

    After you get thru with these suggested test pull the plugs and tell me what they look like to.
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    could be the fuel line too
    I had an old Johnson 35 seahorse seems I had to change my line every year.