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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by skyhead, Apr 27, 2009.

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    So ive been fishing channels for a few years now and im ready to move onto the big guys. Ive got the right gear just not the knowledge on bringing them in. I live in iowa at the widest part of the mississippi. its about a mile across, so if your not in the channel most of the river is pretty shallow. I'm really hoping to move onto some good flatheads but need some advice from you more "seasoned veterans" lol.
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    Find a few dikes flats and blues like the front of em to feed and the back side to rest. Look for reventments (concret slabs on the outside bends) ,bridge piles are good, rip-rap ya find rip-rap ya find Flats and blues and dont overlook creekmouths and the like with log jambs. You can get river maps from the army corps of engineers online in download form they are old maps but can help you find dikes and stuff. And they can show you where the locks are you can almost never go wrong fishing below the locks. Lota water but ya learn 10 miles of the river in your area ya find the holes and the fish. Dont give up :smile2:

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    What Welder said x 2. Good luck to ya.