Help Needed On 90 Yamaha

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    I've got a 2004 90hp Yahama, problem I'm having full throttle it will run along like a champ, then all of a sudden, it starts to if it was running out of gas. I will back the throttle off and then it will run just fine. Sometimes it will die, but will always start back up and will run perfect until I run it full throttle again. This only happens when I run it wide open. I checked and cleaned the fuel filter, but it didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions?
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    Is it still under warranty? Take it back to the dealer you bought it from if so. Even if it's out of warranty, I'd let the dealer look at it - there's no excuse for a problem in a 1-year-old engine.

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    Did you, by chance, leave the engine sitting up for a while... 3 months or more? I have a 1994 55 Yamaha that I used to have to clean the carbs on every year, because I would leave it sitting up during the winter months. The gas and oil mixture would gum up the jets. It would only be "a little green film on the inside of the carbs", but that was my problem. I've since started using Stabil more often, (and don't leave the boat in so much!), and haven't had to clean them in several years...

    If it's under warranty, though, I recommend letting the dealer do the work, just to make sure...
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    Do everything related to owners responsability before taking it to the shop. Be absolutely sure there's no water in the gas.

    It may not be your engine that is the problem. If you've got an inboard tank, it could have a malfunctioning anti-siphon valve.

    I've seen the twelve gallon tanks have problems because the pick up tube is too long and when at full throttle, it'll pull itself down to the bottom of the tank and restrict fuel flow. That can be corrected by removing the pick up tube, and cutting notches in the end.