Help me read my local lake.

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    I know it would be hard to tell me without seeing my local lake, but let me describe it to you and see if you can tell me where to concentrate for bluecats. I know our lake has blues in it, because we catch them around the rocks during the spawn nearly every single year, and we sometimes noodle them out of the rocks just for giggles & grins. It's illegal in Oklahoma to keep blues while noodling, so we pitch those back but they're still awfully fun to catch.
    Our lake is a man-made lake with a dam on the south end. Around the dam, and about a mile to the north, the lake is nearly all rocks with mountains surrounding the lake. After you get north of the mountains, the lake smooths out to a sandy/muddy bottom and doesn't run quite as deep. There is a small underwater island out in the middle of the lake north of the mountains in the sandy part, and the "island" comes up in elevation about 7' shallower than the rest of the bottom. As the lake goes north, there is one small shallow river that feeds it to the north, and the last mile of the north end of the lake is shallow, running only 15' or less. There is very little vegetation in the whole lake. It is used in the summertime as a irrigation lake for the local farming community, so the lake levels fluctuate dramatically in the summer.

    If you were to look in this lake for cats, where do you think you would start? Would you be looking around the rocks and mountains at the south end, or at the river end at the north? Somewhere between? I know there's plenty of blues in the lake and they can be caught just like any other fish, I just need to figure out how and where. Believe it or not, I finally figured out how to use a cast net and I can catch shad. So I will have access to fresh shad.

    If this were your local lake, where would you start?