Help me out catfish this pond!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by CatswithBats, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Ok everyone in my neighboorhood i have this kind of small pond with 2 fountains. Everytime i fish there i leave with nothing. Oh and by the way its stokd with channels but im not sure when. The first time i fished there i caught a 1 or 2 pounder but that was my only one. Other fishermen around me i have seen are pullin up some lunkers. Ive used livers, dough baits, and hotdogs dipped in vanilla and garlic powder. Help me PLEASE catch a big cat. More bait ideas maybe or different approaches would totaly help me. THANKS!!!!
  2. laidbck111

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    Big night crawlers and minnows would be what I would try. Cut the tail off the minnows and thread onto a hook from tail to eyeball like a worm. Cut bream fillets would be there also if they are in the pond. Good luck.

  3. MR SANDMAN 800

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    also dont just fish the bottom try slip bobbers at different depths with different baits
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    Catswithbats, where in Cali are you?

    I dunno about small ponds, but the local lakes (which really are ponds) get fished with cut makerel. That's the only thing I ever hear of working.

    When I'm at the river, same thing. Cut makerel. Cats just love the stuff. YMMV.
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    I do very well for eater sized channels in small lakes/ponds by using cut bluegill. I catch some bluegill outa the pond and kill them. I then cut their tails off and hook them through the eyes. Cast them out and reel in VERy slow. Almost like a driftfisherman at a lake on a calm day. This creates a blood trails and those channels will follow it right in and hammer the crap outa it. This is my favorite method in ponds.
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    try a slip bobber above your hook to get your bait up above the bottom a little,some of the ponds tend to get a real mossy bottom so your bait settels in deep,also i've found out a couple of times i'll cast farther down the bank(left or right) but not out into the water as far to stay out of the moss.i have some lie that around here,one night i was fishing and the clicker just started ripping line,i thought holly crap,i got it in and it was about 6" long you never know.
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    :0a25: Welcome to the BOC, Will ! Pond fishin can be great fun. I had the pleasure of fishin a private pond here in TX a few weeks ago, and we caught 8 eight to ten pound channels. Needless to say, the catfish creole I made that night was so good it melted in yur mouth! Fresh, live bait is the best. Generally, I will fish for bait first to see what is in the pond. I think that sometimes all ya got to do is catch some of the smaller fish within the same water you are fishing...after all, this is what the bigger fish are already eating! The pond we fished was full of bream. I caught several of those first, then cut them up and used them as bait. We also used big nightcrawlers as catfish love live, wiggly food. We had had a couple of cold days, and then finally got a nice warm day. The sudden increase in water temperature sure seems to make a difference. We went back the next day and it was cloudy and overcast and much cooler and only caught one. We generally fish off the bottom as the water levels here are low right now due to lack of rain. In any case, try goin when its been cold and u get a nice warm day and use some live bait from the pond or some big nightcrawlers. Let me know if yur luck changes! :byebye:
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    Like msKitty said go bait fishing first, catch a dozen gills and put them in a bucket for later in the night. (you won't be able to catch them after dark) They are hiding in the weeds. Scrape the scales off both sides then filet or cut in half if small. Bait half your poles with cut bait and put out a couple with live gills hooked in the tail section of their back. Cast to the weed edge at wait. You also must be quiet being this close to the baits. Early evening or before dawn is best. The channels will cruise the weeds looking for gills, and they will stumble upon yours.
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    Hey partner, now thats a cool idea. I will definently try that...
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    I would use minnows, or nightclawers. I think either one would do it.
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    Listen to miss kitty, cats like an easy meal they can recognize.
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    how in the world have i not thought of that? ive cut slits in the sides and tail to get blood around it but never tried leaveing a trail of blood behind it.