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Help. I can't give any reputation while I'm on my Blackberry

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Most of the time that I have to surf on the BOC is done while I am on my Blackberry. While viewing the forum there is no star "reputation" icon visible to me. I have the same problem with both the Blackberry browser and Opera Mini 5. I would like to add to posters reputation but I am unable unless I am on a PC. Anybody have a solution to this?

I am able to say thanks though.
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I have a Blackberry Tour. Let me see if I can do it...
I am on my blackberry typing this post. I can't add rep either. The browser doesn't display the page properly and all of the icons on the grey bar are jumbled together. I can even see the rep icon. Maybe your browser is better? I will say make sure java popups are turned on in your BB browser configuration.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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