Help finding river flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jrh_67, Jun 8, 2007.

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    The river I fish for flats has an overabundance of cover and is not very deep. There are some deep holes and every bend in the river has a big sandbar on the inside bend without much cover, it is also much more shallow there. The outside bend is deeper with lots of cover. When I set my lines out we usually target the cover right up close to the bank in shallower water..(not on the sandy inside bend but right up on the bank) and we catch flats that way but not a big one yet.....have tried all the cover in the middle with no luck. I was just wondering what everyones opinion on where to find them might be. There is so much cover sometimes you have to get out and walk your boat around trees and such.
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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Robert, You can do a couple of things to up the odds for the bigguns. My first suggestion would be to use larger live bait like gills and shad, my second would be to fish at night and third, fish at night on the shallow flats. Also you might try locating unseen submerged cover, cause it likely hasn't been fished. Good Luck, Vern

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    Okay Robert it looks like your doing a good job at scouting for flatties. Here is what i consider to be a prime location for monster flatties.. Say the river is 4-6 feet deep on average. The river has a rapid for say 200-800 yards long then the river necks down from 300 yards wide to say 200 yards and a bend to the left with a log jam or at least wooded cover or root masses hanging down in the water on the right side with shallow cover in close vicinity. The rapid and and the river necking down will make the current carve the channel deeper and the bend to the left makes the river flow to the right thus creating a deep hole on the right side where the logs root mass ect are. THe shallow water will be the feeding grounds come night fall. And the big bait is a must also but if you have monster bait sitting in front of juvenille flats well you no the rest. Hope this helps some........ good luck
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    Here in Philly, you can never go wrong with a bridge pier. It's even better when there is a logjam on it.:cool2:
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    anything that obstucts current, log jambs,outside bends,around islands,and the bst of all creek mouths after a rain. oh and dont be afraid to cast rite next to shore.
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    cant go wrong with log jams
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    there will always be spots where you can catch small to medium sized flats all night long,, and there are other spots where you might only get one or two bights a night, but those bights will be the big boys. dont be afraid to use really really large live baits. we use suckers, shad and bullheads up to about 10 in. long. keep trying new harder to less obvious spots and use some big live bait, and you should get some larger flats. good luck
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    You have it figured out, now just keep trying new spots. Larger flats push the smaller ones into areas they don't want to use. It sounds like you have lots of places to fish so now it just boils down to whatever subtle difference or preferance the larger fish are using to determine their location. Unless its a large bend or hole you might only find one large flat in a given area. So you'll have to move to find another.
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    Also try creek mouths. i read for over a year on how the brothers here on the BOC rant and rave about creek mouths. Finally tried a creek mouth about a month ago. My friends pulled out 2 25lb flatheads there in a little over 2 hours.
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    creek mouths or any sort of tributary are key.baitfish gather in these areas and the big cats follow.GOOD LUCK!