Help! Daiwa Sealine 350H/50HSD vs Shimano TLD15/25 leverdrag?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by johnqle, Jul 2, 2007.

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    I am considering getting two reels (Daiwa Sealine 2BB 350H/50HSD vs Shimano 4BB TLD15/TLD25 leverdrag) for my next trip to Baja - mainly targetting YellowTail, Dorado, Albacore (25#-50#) and bottom fishing (100-300ft). These reels are close in the price range that I'm looking at.

    Which one would best fit my needs? Which one has good casting capability, durability and drag system?

    I checked and found that both have great user reviews.
    Some say that the TLD15 (18.5 oz) casts well and the TLD25 (24.5oz) can handle strong fish no sweat. I couldn't find any comment on the 350H (23.5 oz) nor 50HSD (21oz) about its castibility besides that these are very durable and great for bottom fishing (100+lbs groupers).

    I lean towards the TLD15 (for the leverdrag and lightweight) but a bit afraid that it may not be as durable (graphite frame may flex under load - can it handle 50# fish?). On the other hand, the 350H or 50HSD look stronger (aluminum frame) but no leverdrag and may not cast as well as the TLD.

    I also like the Daiwa Sealine 50HSD (lighter 21oz - faster retrieve ratio 4.2:1) and found that it is similar to the 350H. How would you like the 50HSD vs 350H vs TLD15?

    All feedback appreciated...
  2. Tomahawk

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    Hey John the Shimono level drads are good reels. I would go with the midsize one. I do some pier fishing for Kings and Cobia. Thats what alot of people use out there. The sealine reels are also good. I got one myself. I picked up for $30.00. It was at a repair shop and nobody ever came back to claim it. If your fishing from a boat you need a rell that will hold at least 250yds of 30lb. In a boat you can chase them down if neccessary. Sometimes you can get away with a smaller reel. If your looking a for a good freshwater and saltwater boat reel. Look at Shimonao Telkota reels and Diawa X-30. Both reels cast great and you can use them for both freshwater and saltwater.

  3. peewee williams

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    Lever drags are made for smooth engaging and the ultimate for controlling fast powerful fish.Daiwa has made some fine reels that last and last with heavy use.I have owned some.I would prefer a lever drag in either or any brand of reel including Penn when ever possible.I would even love to have it in a spinner.It is like comparing Disk and Drum brakes on your vehicle.As for casting,that will be up to you.I have seen children cast large Penn Senators in different countries including the USA.The time to familiarize yourself and learn whatever you decide to use is before you are actually fishing with it.I have seen new gear cost several good fisherman a fish.If the rest of Shimano's lever drags are like my little Charter Special 2000 LD,they are great.Regular drags are great and have come a long way in my 50+ years of fishing,but you cannot change and control them like a lever drag and few are as smooth.I believe you would have less chance of losing a trophy fish,or any fish for that matter.I love you Brothers and Sisters,peewee