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    So OK its time to buy a new fish finder.
    But first I need to know what the specifications mean.

    Single beam - double beam - triple beam
    I know has to do with how far the finder looks side to side under your boat. But am I wasting my money on a double or triple baem if I'm only in 20 feet of water or less?
    I generally fish local rivers--the Miss around here is generally the deepest in the navigation channel and thats only 10-12 feet deep.
    Below the lock and dams being the biggest exception and then we're talking maybe 60 feet.

    Output power
    So take the piranah 220 and 230 for instance
    1600 watts PtP
    200 watts rms

    So I know what ptp and rms is but how much power do I need in less than 60 feet of water?
    the 210 and 215 are 800 and 100 watts
    so whats double the wattage gonna mean to me?

    So then how about the 240 which is triple beam?

    I probably won't be going to color so it isn't an issue this time.
    But 4 level v/s 8 level greyscale?

    Have a good one