help an okie with a little scientific info on panthers

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    Hey guys, I know its not catfish related but I would like to know how many of you have spotted the large black cats in Oklahoma. It is either a black cougar or as some theorize a black jaguar. To me I cant see how this cat is a Jag do to the fact no one has spotted your typical yellow spotted jags. Nevertheless a good number of wild life biologist have stated the cat simply does not exist. I find this really odd because in the area of Ok in live in a good number of people have seen the large black cats, mainly near a track of high way between Barnsdall and Bartlesville Ok near Woolaroc and the wild horse refuge. Most I have spoken with here are surprised people doubt its existence.

    I think we could spark a more in depth investigation of this cat which for all indications appears to be a very rare cat to help understand and protect it. If you could just explain a little bit about your encounter with the cat or just a plain "yes" will be great.....a location of the experience would be great as well. Thanks all........Billy
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    Interesting post. I've never seen one in Oklahoma, but have seen one in Texas on 3 different occasions. It will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up when they scream. Cattle don't take to them very well either.

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    I haven't seen one in several years but have seen one black one about 1965 and a yellow/brown one several times in the 70's.I don't hunt there any more so I on't know if there is still any around. I think the brown/yellow one was probably the same cat.I usually saw it in the same area each time.Both were seen in Creek county.And as noted in the previous post,when one screams,there ain't NO DOUBT what it is. Allen
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    My friend who noodles and air boats on the Cimarron River has told me several times of seeing a (cougar) mountain lion and bears near Kingfisher. But there has not been any reports of livestock being killed.
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    About 20 years ago, there was one around Ft. Gibson. I saw it on a couple of occasions crossing the highway when commuting back and forth to Tahlequah from Muskogee. I've also hunted quite a bit between the two towns over the years and have seen several cougers, a couple within feet of my tree. It seems no matter were I go hunt in this state, I seem to see them. Game wardens always tell me they don't exist, but it's illegal to shoot one. Go figure that one out, LOL.

    I've only seen the one black one 20 years ago and the rest were a tan or carmel color. From what I've heard from different biologists, the black ones are cougers with different color pigment, but are still cougers.

    On a side note, the game wardens also told me we don't have bears in this state, but had to come help us with one when we got a call of a bear at 3:30 am going through trash cans in a residential area a few years ago. We chased it till the kids came out to the bus stops, then had to go ahead and take him. Warden didn't try to tell us it wasn't a bear as we dragged it out of the brush, LOL.
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    when i was a lad(6 or 7) i used to hunt and fish with a friend of my dads. this gent was 70yrs old then, long since passed away....he and i were squirrel hunting one afternoon and we heard an ungodly scream....Bill(my hunting/fishing buddy) got downright scared. he said "thats a painter!" (meaning panther).....we skeedaddled out of there. that's the only time i ever heard a sound like that. it didn't bother me until i saw how shookup bill got:eek:oooh:

    let's see, i am 52 now, so that must have been 40+ years ago:embarassed:
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    I have never seen any in oklahoma, but i have seen 7 or 8 in east texas. i have seen one in chandler, tyler, trinity river bottom and the rest around the mabank/athens area. I have seen 3 at one time, a mother and 2 cubs. in texas most call the black panthers, but the wildlife dept says they are prob not true panthers, that they are black pumas coming up from mexico
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    greatbend kansas
    i lived in skytook in 1995-96 and on two ocasions seen a black cat near the creek where i lived so i know they are out there
    but i think it is just a dark mountain lion myself
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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    Back in '74 I was working out on the East side of Ft. Sill and saw a black cat from a distance of about a couple hundred yards. The cat was walking out in the open along the edge of a thick stand of trees running along a creek.

    I went to tell some of the other guys on the crew but by the time I got to where they were working, the cat had apparantly disappeared back into the trees. When I told them about the cat, they looked but didn't see any black cat and so they razzed me for days. And days. Every day - pretty much all day.

    About a week or so later we were all working in the same exact spot on the jobsite that I was working on when I first saw that black cat. And you might say that just by a stroke of luck I happened to look up in that very same direction where I'd seen that cat before and low-n-behold... there was that black cat again.

    I didn't waste any time getting everybodies attention and pointing out that cat. We all stood there and watched it until it disappeared into the trees. They didn't razz me anymore. The only time I've ever seen one though.

    I've heard screams like Phil was talking about just a time or two in my life and I'm glad that's the only times I've ever heard em... it'll sure get your attention!
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    I appreciate the replies. I too believe these are cougars with black coats. Bioligists say it is a 1 in a million chance a cougar will be born black...and with the small population it is impossible for them to be here and create more black coug's. I know they are here and have seen them. I think these cats are black because of bottleneck effect.
  11. Mark R.

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    Rush Springs, OK
    A good friend of mine was setting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when he watched a black cat across the road from his house chasing a deer, this happened just a few years ago.
    This was between Duncan and Marlow to the East 4 miles.

  12. rigrunner(236)

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    Ft Cobb Lake, Oklahoma
    I saw a solid black cat the size of a cougar about a quarter of a mile from my daughters house a few miles southeast of Binger OK, 6 or 7 years ago. I know they're there.
  13. 223reload

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    I had a black cougar cross the road in front of me a few years ago while working for a fiber optic crew in the Maud/Bowleggs area.
  14. target33

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    My dad and uncles hunt a lot out in western OK and they said they had seen one about 12 years ago somewhere near Leedey! I really thought they were pulling my leg but it sounds like it is a good chance with all these other posts.
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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    My parent's own some land N. E. of Chelsea, OK.
    In the mid to late 70's, a couple cousins were hunting there and said they had seen a Black Panther on the other side of the canyon they were hunting?

    A couple years later, I was in my bed room and all of a sudden, it got real quiet.
    You couldn't hear anything, no dogs, birds, nothing.

    All of a sudden, this thing let out a scream, and I just about messed my pants.

    I looked out my window and I could see momma and four babies. It was dark outside and where my room was, it wasn't lit, so you couldn't see much at night.
    I could tell it was big and black and didn't look like anything I had ever seen.

  16. okiecop

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    Grove, OK
    While I have never seen a black panther here in Oklahoma. I did see one once over in Missouri. I was just at sunset and the cat was only a couple hundred yards away crossing a pasture. I was probably only two or three miles into Missouri from Oklahoma when I seen the cat. So I have no problem thinking that a large cat can cover a few miles and make into Oklahoma.
  17. tkishkape

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    These big cats do exist and live in our lands. A male cougar may roam a territory of two states or more, a female slightly less. Their hunting areas are becoming ever compressed by the encroachment of people, creating safe mountain lion travel zones that are ever smaller, conflicting with mankind.

    It is invariable that as the available hunting grounds become smaller, the traditional travel lanes for these long hunters begin to overlap, some areas are so compressed that they allow occasional sightings.

    In the Hill Country of Texas, these big cats travel freely still. The cedar brush provides the ideal habitat for a wintering cat... plenty of food, good cover, and low population of man. In Eastern Oklahoma, it's not so sparsely populated, but the large open spaces exist to satisfy the wanderlust of the big cats.

    Cougars, Pumas, Panthers, Painters, Mountain Lions... what ever name you prefer... have been in Oklahoma since ancient times. This is their land. We humans must remember that we are the new kids on the block.

    We must learn to live in harmony with these great wonderful and necessary predators. That simply means leaving them alone. Do not approach, harass or disturb them. Every "close encounter" is a disaster waiting to happen for either the man or the cat.

    If you find yourself facing one of the great cats, make sure that it is not cornered. If the cat feels cornered, back away from it while throwing rocks or sticks at it and yelling at it at the top of your lungs. Give it a chance to escape, and it will. Otherwise, just stand your ground and make all the noise you can. If the cat looks completely indifferent to you, walk away from it backwards and fast. Never take your eyes from it until you can see it no longer.

    As was my habit on the weekend, I was running down our Texas ranch road from the barn to the mailbox at the highway gate (about 1/2 mile) when I encountered a Mountain Lion laying on a high rockpile near the road. He stood up and screamed at me... I stopped and did the same back to him... only in the voice of terror. Apparently my high-pitched and wavering scream was offensive to him because he lept down, walked to the roadcut and casually walked away, nervously switching his tail side to side.

    If you happen to see a cougar out collecting a deer or other animal for food, don't shoot it. Let it live. Enjoy the moment and watch an age-old story being played out. Count yourself fortunate to be able to witness such an event. Carry a camera and take lots of pictures to show the grandchildren who may never get the opportunity to see predatory wildlife in action.

    Remember... Oklahoma was THEIR home first... We are the newcomers...
  18. Catgirl

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    They have been seen here in NC as well in recent years. I have seen several news reports regarding this, including a home video a news viewer sent in. :eek:oooh:
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    i grew up around cowskin bridge on grand lake. and i have never personally seen a black cat but my best friends mom who at the lived on top of beacon light hill claimed there was one back in the hills that she had seen several times. now that being 30 years or so ago i doubt its still around but who knows. now for a personal sighting of a cougar i had was sort of funny. i went to kindergarten at a small country school called turkey ford. anyhow to make a long story short me and my best friend were driving by it at dusk one evening and we both saw this anormous cat just sitting on the propane tank. i slammed on the brakes through my friend into the dash. and by the time we could say what the heck was that it ran off like lighting. alot people dont think we have big cats around here but i know different
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    Those black panthers may be like the bears are here in my county in Mississipp.I've seen them more than one time but every body tells there are no bears here and I was seeing a big black dog but I know better because I had one bear in a spot light at 20 feet in my back yard.