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    Hey Im from Illinois and staying in the cities for about a month? Where should I try catfishing close by on mississippi? I tried the crow river, at waterly and up river, two nights ago with three small cats...babies. Also, in Illinois We use Alot of Sonny's catfish bait or Boss Hawg stink bait....Does anyone know where i can buy these two around the twin cities? Or what do you guys use to catch the catfish around here....we use a lot of liver down my way also?
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    Frist of all I want to give you a warm :0a25:to the GREASTEST CATFISH SITE you'll ever find. THE BOC!!
    Now I don't know a lot about the Twin Cities but i'd think you could find those two baits at a baitshop. You may be better off using more cut baits,live bait.goldfish,bluegills etc in the river.Cut baits such as Shad ,Skipjacks,even small drum or perch which ever you call them cut up make good bait. Also Shrimp is a good bait. Best of luck what ever you use .Just go out and have fun.
    Again WELCOME to THE BOC!!

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    Camden, South Carolina
    welcome to boc from sc!
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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    We do catch alot of flatheads up in this area. your best bet for fishing them is either Bullheads or chubs. pretty much any spot where the river is located will produce cats. Either the MN, Mississippi, or St Croix rivers will do, depending on which one your closest to. When are you coming up to the cities?
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    I have a question for you. I just got a Brand new Tub of Hoss's Hawg Bait. How well does it work for you? Have you ever caught any sizeable cats on it? I am just curious!:big_smile:
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    Greenwood AR.
    Welcome to BOC.:big_smile:
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    How about trying the mississippi with some bream
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    OK guys....Im in minnesota right now living in a hotel, while my daughter is in hospital. So feel free to contact me if your in the Minneapolis/Saint paul area..ill be back in the Galesburg, Illinois area next month!

    Ok my secrets.....just from the last few years......
    I have never caught more than a 4-6 lb Cat. But for a regular joe, a bunch of them make a good meal. I am drooling over all those photos of peole on here with 50 lb, monsters. Before I just wanted to catch cats....NOW I JUST WANT ONE>>>JUST GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE BAD BOYS>>JUST ONE
    anyway..... I use Sonny's supper sticky catfish bait regular formula. Sonny Hoatman of Iowa makes it..and its what every one uses in Illinois, Iowa on the mississippi. The blood never has worked well for sonny maybee he has a tip or two?
    I always get bites all year. My buddy swear by BOSS HAWG. Well last summer nothign was biting....4 of us ina luck...they were using worms...i was using the dip bait. I started to get bites....and i BET you all can guess the rest....EVRYONE GRAB THE DIPBAIT!
    Well it was too we usally use peanut oil to thin the mixture down or flour to thicken. well we were out of peanut oil. and it was to thick to stick that day. Somy buddy threw me his ten year old berkly bass atractant...ya now the stuff inthe little squirt bottle. I mixxed it in and everyone went started hitting left and right!!!! bam i cant remember it was either sonny or boss Hawgs..but anyway it worked all day for evryone.after 6 hours of nothing!!!!!
    OK my name is Russell DEJAYNES of Abingdon ILLinois and that my claim to faim. Because, I went looking alround for the berley at alt he big stores..and found some at GANDER MOUTAIN. me and the Sales clerk started talking and He got my secret out of me....AND he said they harley even stocvked the stuff....NOW THIS SUMMER i went into the stores and they are all carry Berrkly adnnow its got three new flavors...original, BASS, and year after i told the rep about it...!
    So theres my claim tofame....NOw oplease tellme how to catch them big ones....That was my deep held secret! that and we use chicken liver tied up in side of panty hose BALLS on treble hooks....that works good too. they cant the liver off the hook with out getting snagged.
    HA HA..and form worms a use thetiney hook possible...that way when they suck it in..they always get caughts....but that produces gut hooks..and i dotn like killy babies that way..which happens alot so i QUIT doing that.
    OK Im Open lets turn this thread into a YOUR SECRET THREAD!
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    as a former minnesota resident, take the 40 minute drive to taylors falls and fish the st. croix river. gut you some pike shiners or some suckers. cut them bad boys and have fun
    at least on that river u can use two poles
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    aggreed. if y want something to eat. st.croix is your best bet. it is arguably one of the cleaner rivers localy. there has been a scandle going on with the 3mm plant and several polutants dumped into the river. as i understand every fish tested so far has had it, and the fish move up and down so the entire watershed is affected. as to baits. crawlers is a good entry point around here. if your after channels, then larger st.croix cats respond well to med suckers.evening to after dark is best. croix cats often exceed 10lbs. if you just want to hook up for fun then the mississippii river is also good. ford park is very popular, with tons of people catching all sorts of stuff. localy cabellas in rogers has the largest selection of baits including cat stuff.
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    A guy i work with is a die hard cat fisherman..he told me they(him and is bro) have the best luck with chicken liver cut up...i haven't tried it yet, but plan to in the near future, only on the minnesota river. hope this helps.