Hello, new to the site and have a few question about flathead catfishing

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Bigdoc675, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Hello all, and first off let me say great site, and a great deal of info here !

    I just have a few questions, I have been fishing for channel cats for years, mostly just use a rubber stink bait worm and some sonnys stink bait, it has workd out good but now I am ready to step it up to the big boy stuff and target me some flatheads.

    My first question is, will my good old spincasting reel on a standard zebco rhino pole be good enough to get me some flatheads, or will i need to step it up a notch and buy me one of those big ol' catfishin poles i see all over?

    2nd question sort of goes along with my first, for flathead fishing is it best to use a spincasting reel or a baitcaster?

    I plan on fishing some bluegills to use for bait and either run them with a carolina rig or a 3 way swivel rig, I think this is a good plan of attack though I am not so sure as i said, I am new to hunting flatheads.

    I also, will unfortunatly be religated to fishing from shore, I have no boat, nor will i for quite some time, I live in Rockford IL and from what I understand the rockriver is a great catfishery, so i guess my question is, being a shore fisher what sort of stuff should i look for in a spot to catch me some flathead, alot of the stuff I have read here has been geared to boaters.

    and finally my last questions, what is the best time of the day to go for flatheads, early morning, mid day, or night?

    again thank yall for the help and great site, I will be using this site a TON now that I have found it, look forward to reading your replies and GL out there on the water !
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff.

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    Welcome to the BOC, always great to have another new member.
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    wwelcome to BOC.

    fishing for flatheads you are going to need the big stuff most of the time flats like to be in ruff areas downed trees and heavy area where they can sneak and surprize their prey. You will need something thats going to give you the advantage, not the fish.

    I use a med-heavy 8ft rod with 30 -50# test depending on the structure I'm fishing all my reels are open face reels. havent learned to use the bait caster don't think i will try just yet.this is just me and what I'm comfortable with using I haven't been let down yet by the open face i guess that is why i stand by them.
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff Im sure you will find all the info ya need.
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    Hey Jeff,
    A Great Big Welcome from the Great Lakes State.
    You will what to up grade your equipment a little. I use med-Heavy Tiger Ugly Sticks. I have both bait casting reels and spinning reels. I like them both. A lot of it is personal preferrence. I have 30# mono on the spinning reel and 60#brade on one of my bait casters. Like someone said earlier, you want enough rod & reel to do some major league horsing. If a Flattie makes his mind up that he is going to move into the log jam, believe me, his is going to move into the log jam unless you have enough equipment to change his mind.
    Good Luck, and welcome aboard.
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    Welcome To The B.O.C. Jeff It nice to have another New Member.
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    Welcome to the BOC. For flatties you want a good medium-heavy rod and a stout reel. Whichever you are more comfortable with (spinning or baitcasting) should be the reel you use. that is entirely up to you. I use 7 1/2 to 9 ft. rods and spinning reels that will handle at least 50lbs test line. I have recently switched to 65lbs. braided line. I am comfotable with both spinning and baitcast set-ups but i find that i can cast farther with a spinning rod. you should definately fish for flatties at night. start around 1830 and fish until you feel is ok. Out here in AZ the weather is up in the mid 90's and the water is around 65 degrees so i am going to be fishing straight through the night. you can use the set-up you have now for smaller flatties, but you never know when a big one will go to yanking on your line. when fishing for flatties its better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff.

    I'm sorry I can't give you any advice on your hunt for flatheads as I live in Europe and i think that one is best left to my American friends because (for obvious reasons) they're the experts.

    Good luck and tight lines.
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    :0a25: :0a25: :0a18: Jeff welcome to the BOC. Always good to see another Illinois member join.I look forward to your post. If I can be of any help you can give me a PM. I live about 6-7 hrs south of you.:lol: :lol: :big_smile:
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff!!!
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    Not a flathead expert by any means, but the couple I've caught have been on crawlers, plain old rod and spinnin reel.
    We mostly seem to get Blues down here.
    Mainly just wanted to say Welcome to the BOC, Jeff!
    Glad you're here :006:
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    im not an expert on flatheads ,my biggest is 37 lbs,but i am an expert on getting hung up.being a bank fisherman myself i would reccomend at least an 12 to 14 ft. mh to h rod.you want one that can handle 8 ounces of lead and 6 to 9 ounces of bait.that is if you are serious about large flatheads.i also recomend level wind reels that can handel 65 lb.line.you tie into a 50 lb.flat or blue you need it.welcome to the boc.tight lines.good luck.
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    Jeff welcome, to the BOC!
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff, were glad your here!!
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    Jeff, you will need a heftier rod and reel. I use 7ft 6 in. heavy rods and abu 7000's and can cast a 6oz weight and a 1lb bait as far as is needed from shore. You might want to start out with 35 or 40 lb test, 8 or 9/0 hooks ( i prefer gammakatsu octopus) and 5 to 9 inch gills, bass, crappies, suckers..... Start with the mono till you figure out how the bottom affects your line. Rocks will eat up braided line faster than anything no matter what size. With mono you still have a chance if it gets nicked. Just check it often and re-tie. One of the first trips I took with a buddy back when we started out ended badly. We underestimated the flathead catfish. He was using a zebco 808 and a red shakespere rod purchased from wally world, it was rated for 20 to 25 lb test. Well he hooked up with the first BIG flathead either of us had encountered. It proceeded to bend his rod over double till it broke into 3 pieces, then it broke the line. We never saw that fish, and my buddy sat in the bottom of the boat for 30 minutes and didn't say a word. If after flatheads, go big or don't go at all.
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    Good advice givin on the flathead adventures.So about all I can say is WELCOME TO THE BOC. Your gonna love it and learn a lot. Keep us informed on your quest for MR FLATHEAD.
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    Welcome to the BOC Jeff and it sounds like you're getting some good advice.
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    First of all I would like to welcome u. I am a new member myself, but ive been fishing for flathead for most of my life. u asked about equipment. I tell folks all the time when fishing for big fish use big poles. I use 10ft eagle claws and 12 and 15ft surfrods all are medium to heavy action. I use 209 and 309 penn baitcasters along with large eagleclaw spinners I am comfortable with both. Myself personaly have foundout when fishing for flats rather it be in heavy brush or from deep holes of water on the river or in the rocks u must have large lively bait rather it be black perch (my favorite) frogs goldfish bull head or watever live bait Any way good luck chasing flatties :big_smile: