Hello MT Fishermen and Women.

Discussion in 'LOCAL MONTANA TALK' started by ShrimpDaddy, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Hello all,

    Been cruising the forum for the last few days and settled back into the MT section to post. I'll give some info on MT cats and such in the next post. Hopefully we Montanans can get some discussion going here as it looks to be posts few and far between the last couple years.
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    I'm not from Montana but my family is. I grew up in Kansas and my parents had a big picture of Flathead Lake on their living room wall. It hangs proudly on my wall now. But as a kid I always thought it was so named because of the good flathead fishing there. When I became old enough to go to Montana and hunt elk and see this great state for what it is I of course learned about the Flathead Indians and their fantastic history. If any of you Montana catfishermen ever make it down my way I'll b e happy to treat you to some of our great flathead catfishing and try to show you the same hospitality you've shown me. Good fishing to you.