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    What have Michigan catfishermen been up to? Anybody catching any fish (of any sort)? Anyone getting salmon? Going out for archery deer?

    I haven't even been out lately, due to illness. I was going to go to the Kawkawlin River for channels a few weeks ago but that trip fell apart. I tried salmon fishing a few times several years back, but didn't care for the crowds. I usually catch some illness about this time of the year thanks to my terrible allergies, so stop doing much outdoors.

    It's bow opener today, good luck if you are going out. I don't hunt much since my teens and early 20's, deer hunting was a hobby for 8 years at one time in my life, but I just liked to go with my father and enjoy the woods. When I finally got my shot (which was not the reason I was there, truthfully) I found that my colorblindness eliminated my ability to follow a blood trail on the deer I hit, I had to pass on the tracking responsibilities to others, and that was not acceptable to me... Unless the deer dropped where it was, I was going to lose deer that were impossible for me to follow up on. I used to rabbit hunt until the beagle got too old and died (long ago), and squirrel hunt until the family land over by Freeport was sold... I could make a mean Brunswick Stew out of either of those if I had a pair of critters.

    The DNR fishing report for today states that catfish are being taken at Moore's Park and the North Lansing dam on the Grand in Lansing. Somebody somewhere is catching catfish even if they aren't talking about it here. Good luck to anyone enjoying the great Michigan outdoors in any fashion.

    I see guests checking out the Michigan section sometimes... If you are from MI, sign up and say hi.
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    Still hear, just not after whiskers. I pritty much put down the poles this time of year. There are just to many things to do. I shot a nice doe on bow opener. Now the wait for a nice buck. I've had some small bucks pass by, I like them to grow up. Smoked some ducks up north on the opener last weekend. Also bagged a few grouse mid day. This weekend is the duck opener for the south. It should be raining honkers and mallards. I can't wait. Good luck to all.