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  1. mistynadam

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    West Virginia
    I'm pretty new to catfishing but I've taken every opportunity this summer to get experience. I just caught my first cat last weekend and was so excited I had the shakes! People just don't know what they're missin:wink:. My fiance and I are always looking for different places to fish in this area, so if anyone has any input, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Welcome to the BOC from sunny SC! Lots of great info and fine folks here. We used to have a place in southern WV between Princeton and Camp Creek, up on Bluff Mountain. I built a fine log cabin there on ten acres of land, but we had to sell it when gas got so high and we couldn't go back and forth as much. Best of luck to you with the catfishin'! Keep us posted on your results. GREAT area you live in!
    Bill in SC