Height of outboard on fishtoon?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by last chance, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Tried out the 24' tracker pontoon I've been working off and on for about a year and it was plowing up the water pretty good at about half throttle. This is an 84 sun tracker 24' that only has lawn chairs and 3 storage boxes for furniture and all are portable, I guess what my question would be considering that the boat sits in the water at not the same spot every time but has about the attitude as most toons. Does the cavitation plate need to below or above the lowest point on the motor pod? Also do you think the boat would be rated for any higher capacities sense the origanal furniture is gone and what took its place weighs much less?
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    When you have it in the water how deep in the plate in the water. I have a 84 tracker myself 24 ft and it sets deep in the water so I am trying new heights with the motor. I would say you would have to have a large motor to raise those toons up in the front to keep them from plowing. I am also going to try different angles of the motor to raise the front up some. I run an 85 h/p on mine and it is rated for a 115

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    You dont have Doelfin on that outboard do you?
    If you do that could be part of the problem.

    A doel fin creates rear lift. The lift needed to get a hulled boat up on plane quicker.