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    Here,s a nice heavy duty rod holder for bank fishing that you can whip up in about 5 minutes and for under $10.The components can be purchased at any home supply store,hardware store,or plumbing supply place.The parts needed can all be bought in the plumbing section.All parts are 3/8 inch steel pipe.If you don,t want to paint when done,you can purchase the parts in galvanized finish for a few bucks more.I have some of these in use for over 5 years of hard fishing ,and they,re still going strong.For each rod holder you will need= 1-30 inch piece of steel pipe,3-3 inch steel nipples,1-T joint,1-90 degree elbow,and 2 end caps.They are all pictured in the layout picture below.Attach the T joint to one end of the 30 inch section.Next thread on a 3 inch nipple and an end cap.That completes the straight section.Add a 3 inch nipple and the 90 drgree elbow to the remaining open spot on the T joint.Next add a 3 inch nipple and an end cap to the other side of the 90 degree elbow.It is now complete.Tighten all the joints as tight as possible in a vice,or just use 2 pipe wrenches if you don,t have a vise.Wipe clean with a solvent to degrease and paint with color of your choice,preferably bright for night visibility.These are especially good for rocky ,gravelly areas where you can not put a lot of holders into the ground.I keep a 3# hammer in my truck for pounding them in.Except for solid concrete,I have yet to find a shoreline I couldn,t put them in.They,re very solid,the 3 inch nipple size makes them so that most any type of reel will not fit through them.I have had to walk away,and have come back to find my reel spooled,but the holder and rod still there.One tip I have found is to cut the bottom of the 30 inch piece on a 45 degree angle.This makes it easier to punch through really rocky areas.It took me longer to write this than it does to put one together.