Heater Meals: The Self-Heating Meal

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  1. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    Has anybody else tried any Heater Meals?

    They are a totally self-contained meals that require no refrigeration, have a 2 year shelf life, and completely heat themselves without fire or electricity in about 15 minutes. The entrees are 3/4 pound so they are decently sized also.

    We've tried 3 different entrees so far, and all 3 were pretty darn good. Even better, when you read the ingredient list you will not find chemicals or preservatives.

    It was really nice when we were out on the boat and the cold wind was howling as I scarfed down a hot BBQ beef and potatoes meal, with 10 seconds prep and nothing to clean when done. They even include the spoon, S&P, napkin, and even a package of Mrs. Dash. All the trash fits back inside the box.

    They are now standard fare for my fishing trips, and I'm going to take some on canoe trips this summer to boot. It sure beats a bologna sandwich.

    Their motto:Comes with everything needed for "A Hot Meal Anytime Anyplace"

    They are available at Cabelas and BPS, but are cheaper by the case from the manufacturer.
  2. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Sounds like the next best thing since sliced Bread. I like to heat a hot meal on the boat. Weve done everything from frying burgers, fish and venicon.
    I'm very interested, Just a couple of questions.

    Who is the Manufacturer?
    Are they only avail at Cabellas or Bass Pro shops? OR do you know of any other places you can get them?
    How much did they go for?
    Thanks for the info.

  3. dademoss

    dademoss Member

    I have seen them at the grocery stores here, but the manufacturer is local too, so they may not be in your grocery.

    Just google heater meals, and the miracle of google will take you to the manufacturer.
  4. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    They are manufactered by Heater Meals, out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They also do military sales described as:
    "TRUETECHTM self-heating technology:
    Developer of the Flameless Ration Heater FRH
    Our patented, water-activated MRE heater has
    heated over 900 million Meals Ready-To-Eat
    (MREs) for the US Armed Forces."

    So far I have only seen them at my local BPS store, and available online from Cabelas, BPS, or direct from the manufacturer in 6 packs. Online BPS is a little cheaper than Cabelas at $5.50 each. The 6 packs from the manufacturer run about $24 plus shipping.

    While I have not tried them yet, from the manufacturer you can also get a Heater Meal Plus that has the 3/4# entree, plus the fixins. Here is an example:

    # Mushroom Gravy, Mashed Potatoes & Beef 3/4 lb. HeaterMeals Entree
    # 1-Mott’s Mixed Berry Apple Sauce
    # 1-King Nut Sweet 'n Salty snacks
    # 4-Breadsticks
    # 2-Stauffer’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
    # 1-Pack of California Raisins
    # 1-Veryfine Chillers Pink Lemonade
    # Cutlery Pack with Spoon, Napkin, Salt, Pepper And Now Mrs. Dash to Season to your taste!

    The Plus meals run about $72 plus shipping per case of 12 from the manufacturer, and I have not seen those anyhwere else.
  5. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    I have used them for fishing and man they are awesome!!! They passed them out here during a hurricane for free. And we still have some left over that we use for fishing. Really handy thing to have, and taste great!!!

  6. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Tulcat and the rest of you guys,
    Thanks for the detailed info. I'm gonna have to get my hands on these.
    Not that I mind cooking. But I would rather just eat!
    thanks again.
  7. solomon

    solomon New Member

    I've seen those. They're liked a souped up mre. We had some floating around after the storm. But, one thing I do know is post Katrina, every deer camp in south Mississippi and Louisiana's got at least a 6 month supply of mre's:)
  8. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    I don't know, those look a little pricy to me. Can you guys get them in the store cheaper???

  9. Doctor

    Doctor Member

    Springfield, Ohio
    We tried them years ago and they were great except they are loaded with sodium, I think if you look on the package it's like in the thousands, found out one night while Larry and I were fishing as we had run out of drinking water in the middle of the night and by daybreak we were really hurting for something to drink, they are very good, think we have had the noddles and the pepper steak........Doc
  10. blackwaterkatz

    blackwaterkatz Active Member

    Andrews, SC
    Hey, that's a great idea, Tulcat! I've considered those meals before, but not for fishing. They'd be great on a cold day of fishing, much better than cold beanie weenies or vienna sausage. :p I'll have to get some on my next B/P trip.
  11. GrandpaGoneFishing

    GrandpaGoneFishing Well-Known Member

    Linn Valley, Ks
    Seems a little pricey but on cold day, Seems fair enough. Going to have to check these out. Thanks for turning me on to these. Never heard of them.