Heading to Mt. Pleasant 6/27---any help appreciated.

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    Hey Guys

    I am going to be in the Mt. Pleasant area just outside of Charleston from 6/27-7/5. I live in Philly and am going down to visit my mom and company. I am wanting to target cats and need some help from ya'll.

    What would be some good water to fish around this area?
    Are there blues and/or flatheads around this area?
    How is the cooper river for cats?
    Any particular areas to target?
    What's ya'lls go to bait?
    How is the bite during the early morning or during the day---(not sure if I will be able to make it out at night)?
    Anyone want to meet up?

    I will have a boat for one day (not sure which) and then bank fishing for the rest of the time I am able to get out.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I posted some of these questions last year and got some good advice---but I was not able to head out b/c of health reasons. Sorry to ask the same questions again, but I am a slow learner.
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    The two closest cat waters to Mt Pleasant are the Cooper River and the Santee River. For the Cooper, you can go up to Bushy Park landing and launch on the "Saltwater: (brackish) side and go upstream and fish holes and ledges for blues - some pretty good fishin the area and I can give you a coupleof holes to try - also, go to the noaa chart viewer on line http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/staff/BookletChart.html and look at chart 11527. (By the way, the Bushy Park landing is at the causeway at the southern end of what is labeled "back river" at 32.967 -79.937.)

    For the Santee River, just head north on highway 17 and launch at the ramp where the highway crosses the North Santee (even though the sign says "South Santee River access" 32.208 -79.384). You can fish either upstream or down from the landing, but if you go too far down you may start to hit some saltwater dependingon river discharge. Again, you can fish the holes for blues. This river also has some good flatheads, and you can target them, too. I have caught a few flatheads in the holes while targeting blues during the daywith cutbait and havre also gotten a few fishing live bait at night. By the way, I have also seen quite a few people fish off bank at this landing.

    I usually fish either river with cut mullet or menhaden - both are local saltwater baitfish that school in the rivers or in creeks in the area. This time of year you can catch both with a cast net in the creeks off the rivers around low tide, or you can catch some in salt creeks near the coast and ice them and take them to the river with you. You can also use crawlers, shrimp or dip baits - all will catch blues, but generally smaller fish.