Heading to Keystone Lake again

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    Ok guys I am going out to keystone again friday night and saturday maybe start below the dam or up on Feyodi any tips or advice remember i am from the bank no boat here. I want to try below dam at swift park??? Any good here???? Need help any and all will help!!!!
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    Tulsa, OK
    I don't fish Keystone much, but i fish the river from below Keystone down thru southern Tulsa county alot. Swift park will be hard to fish with the current right now, the water is raging out of Keystone dam. The dam itself wouldnt be a bad bet on the flood gate side, but I personally can't deal with the crowds down there, I go fishing to get AWAY from crowds. There is a spot at swift park thats is ok for high water. There is a jeep trail that heads downriver from the parking lot, last time I was there some boulders had been placed across the mouth of the trail. If you follow that trail down stream about 1/4 of a mile it ends at a large 90 degree jog in the bank that creates a slackwater area next to a very steep and boulder strewn bank. Try throwing some cut shad or herring in that slackwater eddy close to the bank. What u can't see are several large (as in SUV sized) boulders that have fallen off that bank into the water in that slack water area, which is deep a very short distance from the bank. Good luck, if you try that spot post back about how you do.