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Heading south

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If all goes as planned, I'll be heading for Louisiana tomorrow night to help get water plants back up and running. Several municipalities in NE KS are sending people down to help with the water plant, wastewater and distribution systems, we'll be down there for about 2 weeks(so I won't be posting for a while).

I really hope I don't have to go to NO, but I volunteered so I'll go where they tell me. I'm sure I'm in for a big shock!!
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Charlie: Stay safe my friend. I am sure you are in for some tough times mentally. I applaud your decision to give of yourself to help where it is needed most. I am really looking forward to your posts when you get back.
Good luck to you Charlie!
I comend you for volonteering for this task. If you go to N.O. make sure you have body armour with you. Those people have gone nuts down there. So watch your back and be carefull, Brother!
You will be missed.

The only thing I can say is godspeed in your efforts, and hopefully you'll be able to do your job without incident if you have to make that journey.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
good luck, charlie. may the good Lord be with you. write a journal for us so we will have better info if you can.
Thank you for your generous offer Keith, but sounds like we're(I'm) going to be on a pretty tight leash. I'm sure after a couple of weeks in a tent eating MRE's, a steak and a cold one would be heaven sent!!

I'm still waiting to hear the logistics, but guess they are still planning on us leaving tomorrow evening............bus ride,yeha :sad: Thanks again.
Center12, Glad to hear you are going down there to help. Most of you know I am from Louisiana. I still have a son and some brothers down there. They are all safe in north Louisiana. If I was able I would go down to help but my back injury will not let me do much.

Take care and be safe down there. I'll look forward to your reports from there also.
Charlie, Be carefull out there. If there is anything we can do to help or if you need anything from up here please let us know.
charlie ,
i'll say prayer for you and your family bud.
take care of yourself.
and get back safe.
You know it took them,what, 4 days to get 7000 National guardsmen into LA.............we can't get 35 people out of KS in 3. They did good, real good.

I know I'm going, just don't know when. What I'm hearing now is that we will bus out tomorrow(sometime) and be heading for Mississippi. Did get a hepatitis B and tetanus shot today............asked for a distemper and pravo shot but they didn't have a vet handy :p .

Thanks for the concern all, it's much apprecaited..............I consider myself blessed and have a whole lot to live for so you can bet I'll be taking great care.
Gods speed my friend take care of yourself down there and dont worry about those cross bow guys I got you covered until you get back.....LOL We will pray for you while you are gone. You will be missed around here.
Chuck, I know you won't let things get out of hand over there...........unless you start it,hehehe.n Thanks for the thought's.
Charlie, good luck if you head down that way. Let us know how things go and as everybody else has said let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.
Brother be safe and you will be kept in the prayers.
You take care Charlie. Godspeed on your mission of mercy.
Got a note yesaterday that stated our group is under the control of FEMA.........they will deploy us as needed. I will get 12 hours notice before we leave...........if FEMA is involved I figure I can go ahead and schedule my christmas vacation!!!
Take care bud and get the job done right.
Center 12, Did you make to New Orleans?
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