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heading north

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i will be going north up around fremont in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there was any good fishing up that way? need to bank fish because i dont have a boat but would like to get together with some of the ohio boys up that way and do some fishing and sh** slinging :)
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Brian,there is some real good channel cat fishing in the sandusky river some are in the 20 lb class any of the bait stores in that area can give you the scoop on it and where to fish ,there is a lot of bank spots
thanks for the info Tony . I am going to be up there working for a week or two so in my spare time i am going fishing you know nothing i would rather be doing anyhow than trying to catch some catfish. We need to get together some time soon and go out and try our luck so let me know when it would be good for you maybe we can get clarence , jason and johnny and go out?
Theres a park in Fremont that sits on the Sandusky, I think it is right in town , You can also camp there overnite i believe. Used to fish up there every year for the walleye run, went back one year later in the spring and picked up 10's of pounds of jigs that were claimed by the water. Nice little town, movie theater, race track, lots to do, esp when it rained all weekend while fishing. There should be half a dozen bait stores in town and of course Wally world is only a short drive away. Ill see if i can remember the name of the park and post it here soon. Check a search engine for fremont and im sure you will find it.
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