Haw River fish kill?

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    I was on the Haw River near the Old US 1 bridge this weekend. This is the flat water behind Buckhorn dam. We saw dozens of dead carp, stripers, cat fish and bass floating dead. In some places buzzards were sitting on log jams feasting on dead fish. Today I was reading in the Greensboro News and Record that Jordon Lake is having problems with algae blooms and low oxygen from excessive nitrates and phosphorous. It occurred to me that runoff from Lake Jordon might be killing these fish in the Haw.

    Any of you guys that fish in there....is this common? It is not even hot weather yet what happens in the summer?
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    Not to get off path here, but there has also been a reported fish kill at Sutton Lake. Supposidely CP&L who manages the cooling lakes used an unapproved chemical to treat plant growth that was clogging the screens comming into the plant and the results have been bad. A buddy of mine reported dead bass, sunfish, grass carp, catfish, crappie, and gar! You know if it killed gar, that stuff is bad news. Unfortunatley, CP&L thinks that they have no retribution to make for the kill off, as Sutton Lake "wasn't intended to be a fishing lake" in the first place.

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    I've only been fishing there for a few years now, but I've never seen anything like that. I did see one dead bream at the Robeson Creek saturday night. I'm sure Greggo or some other guys might have more to add than I. Thanks for the heads up.

    I wonder if we should be eating anything out of there for awhile. Any thoughts?

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    I have seen a few dead fish here and there on the Haw and Cape Fear. It always seems to be after very heavy outflows from the dam. It may be fish that came through the dam...but that is just a theory. I know for a fact that it ain't from bad catch and release from the dam area anglers......since they keep every single fish with fins no matter the size or laws in place. They would probably keep a floater if they could reach it......

    The algae that has been reported has mainly been way up on the upper end of the lake so not sure if that is it either. Especially due to the fact that Carp can survive in just about any conditions. I believe dead shad are the main indicator of algae/depleted oxygen problems.

    Whatever it is.....hope they feed the catfish so when I start fishing there in a month or so I have bigger fish to catch :big_smile: