Having trouble keeping bait alive

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by wormduck, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. wormduck

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    im having trouble keeping bluegill alive. ive got a bubble box that runs off d batteries but they wont last but about a day. mmaybe you guys can help me out. i use a 5 gallon bucket but im thinking that is not big enough.
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    after a while bluegill feel crowded and panic and die, i have had this problem several times and i dont even have a bubble box, i have just a standard minnow box with holes in it, and the box dosent leave the water and half of the bluegill die and there is about 10 in there all together, so i think it has something to do with the swimming area for the bluegill

    it might also have something to do with how they were caught if you used a hook, bluegill are natroious for hooking themselves in every place imaginable, so if you catch them with hook and rod, keep the ones that you catch with a clean hook through the mouth and very important, if it takes to long to get the hook out, just toss that one back, chances are that fish will not live through the tramatic event of dehooking if it takes to long, i have believe that has something to do with it, if its gut hooked, i feel they are no good either, so anyways, thats my 2 cents

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    Walter Flack
    Use a good quality aerator. Keep the water fresh and cool. Prevent overcrowding.
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    i use a little minnow bucket with holes in it. and it is in the water all the time. i have kept blugile alive in all night when we go flatthead fishing.
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    Try a cooler...I have an old one I put a hole thru the side and ran the air line in, keeps them cooler and they have more space too, over the bucket...
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    keep adding fresh water sounds like they are getting hot
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    keeping bait alive is about two things oxygen and water quality.

    high oxygen solubility(ie higher amount of disolved oxygen) is possible by high ratio turn overs with pumps or by low water temps. lowering the water temp will also benifit by lowering bait metabolism(metobolic wastes).

    the two best options to obtain this:easiest= get an extra cheep refrigerator and clear it out, put a cooler or other water holding vessel in it. fill it with rain water(rain water will hold more oxygen as it has less minerals than ground water). bait held in such a device should last days to weeks. becarefull putting bait in that has come from dramiticaly different water temps- as they will need to be adjusted slowly.

    second method best long term but way more work. build a holding tank with filtration. a small pond will hold bait in the 2weeks-1month range. Ideal pond construction has shallow depth, is shaded from the sun(or covered) has separate filtration compartment, and a high ratio of filtration volume to pond water volume. for example in comercial operations the filter may be of almost eqivalent volume to the water. like this you will be able to pack bait nearly sold under cooler conditions. this subject has soo many varriables that it could easily take up several volumes of books. go to a major university with an agricultural library. by the way the easiest pond to build is simple 4x4's box shaped with rubber liner(almost the same as roofing liner) with pond filter tossed in. all suplies purchasable in a single run to homedepo. occasionaly people sell(or give away free) used ones on Craigssslist etc. I have also seen people use several layers of regular Poly sheeting. not the best but it can work. i would also mention that lining the entire box with that 2inch thick styrofoam can add some protection to the liner, as will adding old carpeting as a final layer before the liner. just my 2cents as an aquaculture fanatic