Having trouble catching walleye.

Discussion in 'Walleye Fishing' started by douglas_413, May 14, 2006.

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    I am having trouble catching any walleye. I have a 14 ft. jonboat and have tried to fish a minow on a jig head under a slip float and I have also tried minnows on a lindy rig while drifting.

    Any ideas how I can increase my odds of catching them.

    Also how well do walleye bite in wind, during rain, or after rain?
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    Hey Joseph

    I am an avid Walleye angler... they are my fish of choice to catch...
    I fish Lake Erie and most all Ohio Inland lakes year around.................

    Heres some pointers that should help ya.................... ( I hope)

    Inland lakes / Resivoirs
    (1) A topogragh map of the lake your fishing is a must if you can get one
    (What ya need to look for)
    1....River Channels
    2....Points that extend out to the channels
    3....Large humps in deep water , or large holes surrounded by shallow water
    4....Large flats close to deep water (Bigger the better)
    5....Slow declines in water depth. (30 fow to 5 fow in a 100yard area)(just an example)
    6....Submerged road beds close to deep water. (Primary spots.. Walleye love to school up on hard structure like road beds and when there close to deep water its a bonus......)
    7 I can go on and on about what to look or but this should get ya going in the right direction

    (2) You need a decent graph recorder or fish finder
    (The better your fish finder is the more fish you will catch)
    1....Locate bait fish (Large schools of shad or perch they will look like a big blob on your graph and you will see larger fish arches around those bait fish (WALLEYE)
    2....Bottom structure is very important Large rocky bottoms will hold more walleye than a large sandy bottom........ (Walleye love Rocks and Hard bottoms)
    3....Always look for fish suppended off the bottom (these fish are most likely feeding or in a nuetral state)
    4....Very important to find what depth they are feeding and follow that depth around your points , flats , and your humps.....
    5.... This should get you going on locating the fish

    (3) Weather
    1....Bright sunny days will drive walleye to deeper water(and are not very acive alot of work is needed to catch them and the bites will be very subtle. ( they wont bite agressivly , the bites will be very lite and you really need to pay attention to your rod tip)
    2....Bright sunny days with a big chop can produce a decent catch i you can loacate the feeding fish. ( Suppened fish are active they may not be feeding but will eat when the opportunity is there. You may need to figure out what colors they like but they will bite with a little finess)
    3....Cloudy days are Good.... If you can find a large school that is active you can make your limit with little effort... (During overcast days walleye will be active they will feed and they will be catchable with the right bait)
    4....Storms can be good and it can be bad. (Right before a storm hits is an excellent time to catch walleye , When you have a bright sunny day and the sun suddenly falls behind a storm cloud.. This will bring walleye that are inactive(on the bottom) to an active state, and the walleye that were active(suppeneded) will begin to feed aggressivly..... More on this later......... Storms also mean a fluctuation in the weather , Its been proven many times walleye are very sensative to barometric pressure and wont feed for long periods of time with sudden changes of preasure sometimes as long as 2 or 3 days)
    5....This should help you out some

    (4) GPS (Optional)
    GPS is just an optional part of walleye fishing but can greatly improve your catch rate.............. GPS is good for marking structure , marking fish on a point exc. exc.exc.

    (5) Wind direction
    1....Plankton will be swept with the wind Bait fish eat the plankton walleye eat the bait fish

    (6) Technique is another subject and i will get into this later but have to go o now........


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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Hey Joseph,
    This spring i've been having a lot of trouble hooking into nice size walleye but I have caught a few. My favorite technique has been jigging or drag jigging. When the fishing seems slow i find a rocky bottom and drag the jig along the bottom. When the walleye hit it you'll feel that tell tale nibble then set the hook. But i've been using a lot of natural colors on the soft plastics like olive green or pumpkin seed. If you are going with live bait try a 1/4 ounce bucktail tipped with a large shiner. That's the best bet. Good luck and Good Fishing.