Having a bunch of problems with 40hp Evinrude

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by Nedo, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Hi all, I'm new to the board. I am currently having some problems with my 1996 40hp evinrude 2 stroke. First off: it is shaking alot on idle, Secondly: when I don't feed it a little throttle while it is idling it will shut off. Just recently I launched the boat started the motor and as I was setting up my gear (allowing the motor to warm up a bit) , I suddenly heard the motor make kind of a flooding noise, and within seconds it shut off and didn't want to start again. The alternator turned over and all, but no go. I took it in, and the mechanic said it may be the vro pump (since it is fuel injected). Does this sound like the problem. That pump is $350+ and I don't really want to replace it if I don't have to. Thanks in advance guys.

    Generally how reliable are these motors?
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    I think Bubbacat and Bobpaul will have to help you on this one.

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    Try logging on to "Marineengine.com" they have a fourm that would help you out. I have a 77 rude that was acting up. I asked those guys what to do and they all had good information that was cheap. Loo them up...it wont hurt.