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    I read an article about cast netting. It suggested when throwing in deep water to take duct tape and run a length around the bottom above the wieghts all the way around the net. When thrown in the water the tape makes the net plane out and expand to it maximum. Normally I cast in deep water and the idea interests me but I do not want to mess up a cast net if the feedback is it does not work.
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    my ? is tape on the INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the net??? inside the water would help it to stay on outside you would think the water pressure pushing against it would loose in.

    Interesting tho do you have a link to the article?? Iwould like to know if this works, and y just deep?? should work on 10 ft or more???

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    The duct tape is placed around the circumference of the net, inside and out in order to keep the sticky side from attracting dirt, etc. Once installed, it is hardly worth the effort to remove. Be aware that it does help the net spread, but also slows descent speed, which may allow some baitfish to escape. We use the taped nets around here primarily for targeting salt water shrimp on the bottom in deeper holes during cold weather months, but I haven't tried them much for catching bait fish.
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    Thanks for the infro guys