Have you ever seen this?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by Mac-b, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Mac-b

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    Several years ago I was fishing in a night time tournament and we had anchored down between two ditches where we had marked a gob of fish the day before. It was around 7:30 PM and it would remain light until close to 9. We had 14 or 15 rigs out with several different kinds of bait and nothing was biting. Around 8:15 or so, we spot an Ark. Blue feeding on the surface, then another and another. We pulled some rigs in and took off the weights and cast them to the surface fish and nothing happen. After it got dark we could hear the cats splashing and swirling on the surface, they looked like sharks cruising around. This went on until midnight and we never caught a fish in that area. We moved to a different place and caught some dinks, but no tournament size fish. We could have carried our total catch to the weighin in a childs sand bucket.:smile2: I have only seen this one other time and that was on the James River in a shallow cove in March of this year.

    Has anybody else been exposed to this situation and what did you do to entice them to bite ?
  2. baitchunker

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    i have seen it, but not while fishing.

    a cast net comes to mind. jk. what about floating some bread balls there way?

  3. Flatheadzz

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    I have only seen one hear and there come up in the river I used to fish but nothing like you seen. I would have tried a top water lure, it would have been intersting. Last weekend I noticed alot of moths on the water here at Lake Moutrie Im talking about hundreds.
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    When during the year did this occur? Is it possible they were getting ready to spawn? Not sure why they didn't bite on your presentation of bait. Strange to me!:eek:oooh:
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    We saw this once in the daytime in a texas tournament.....no one was catching fish prior or could even find any...we abandoned our plan and just took off...we found the fish late in the day all together playing around on top.....we finally put on corks casting across the schools and gently pulling and twitching our baits.....we would catch a couple the school would move....we would be patient use the trolling motor only and find them again....only time ive ever had to do it....we got 2nd:smile2:
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    Mac,I saw this here once about 20 yrs ago,the fish were slurping grasshoppers and a woman fishing near me gave me a jar of hoppers when she left. I would have a nice channel as soon as my bait hit the water and allways before it had sank much over two ft or so.I had a limit of 2-5 lbrs in about 45 min.
  7. bnewsom71

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    There could have been a large insect hatch that day and they were feeding on the insects or the really small baitfish that were feeding on the hatch. I have witnessed it before and I casted the smallest tube jig I had (1/64) into the area and caught a ton of fish from carp to crappie to catfish. It was a blast!
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    I have seen it before and usually it is associated with a major insect hatch.The annual mayfly hatches will usually bring every species of fish to the surface.Often the fish you see "rising" are actually feeding on the subsurface larvae as they swim to the surface.Once they switch to the flys themselves as they hatch, the rises usually get noisy and splashy.Naturally the small fish and baitfish feeding on the insects draw the larger predators as well.It would not be unusual to catch crappie,bass,brim,catfish,stripers etc on successive casts and have done so on Ky Lake during the hatch.:smile2:
  9. littleman

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    There is a place in my neck of the woods where is see something like that. I see it maybe twice a year. Some will just lay there like their dead and others will look like they are feeding topwater. A lot of people that fish there has seen it, and most think it has something to do with the spawn. I have no idea what they are doing, but I think everyone on here might be onto something with the insect hatch. I never see this on really dark nights, or when the water temp is cold or really warm. Drove me nuts every time I see it. I would float about every bait I could think of and not get one bite. Then one night I threw a topwater lure at them, and by about the forth cast I got one to hit it. I have to get the lure to pop pretty good to get their attention, but to much movement from the lure scares them off. They seem really skittish and take off pretty quick. I can only catch one or two before the rest of them move off.
  10. massa_jorge

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    i have seen channels do that a few times, they were eating june bugs. we started catching junebugs in the weeds and pitching them with a couple split shots, then reeling slowly. the strikes weren't really violent like you get with live or cutbait, just sudden pressure on the line. we weren't catching any monsters, maybe 4 pounds at the biggest, but we caught every species of fish in the lake.
  11. Rookie12

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    Mac, they do it on Badin all the time. I've seen 50 lb. blues roll right at the boat. I've seen them do it when there is no isneect hatch and I have yet to catch one, so I don't know what they are doing. I've tried everything I know and they won't hit it.
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    Mac I have seen that quite a few times at santee in similar locations. I would drift, drift, drift right on through the rolling fish.
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    Mac, I just stumbled across this thread and it's funny because this happend to me and a buddy last weekend. I thought at the time it was carp but the closer we got we confirmed they were blues. After reading others reply to your question it makes sense to me they were after the mayflies. The flies were everywhere. We caught some fish.......but not in that frenzy. Need to figure out how to capitalize on that situation!
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    I have never witnessed this, but your technique sounds very well thought out and effective. Thanks for sharing