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    I have a 115 horse mariner that has sit up for year and half old gas. Did the check list , did a compresson test on all cylinders and bottom two 110 to 115 on bottom top two has 100 to 100 but they leak down to around to around 75 , this makes ruff idel, and hard to start. Did the check list change all hoses to fuel sell ,cleaned and checked floats for holes top two carbs, check fireing fine , new plugs, tryed new gas. My question is this a cracked ring ,or a valve not seating or a ring stuck . Could you point me in the right direction.
    thank you
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    I would take some seafoam and decarb it real good and then do the leak test.
    Compression is liveable as long as you can get the leak down stopped or slowed a way down.

    Take you a portable tank and add about a half can of seafoam to a gal of fuel and then warm the motor up and when it gets warm take the plugs out and take a squirt bottle and add seafoam to each cylinder and let them soak for a couple hours.
    Take it to the water and with the portable take hooked up run it at WOT until the fuel is gone.
    Recheck the compression and clean the plugs while you are at it.
    You might have to repeat this process a couple times until its real clean.
    If that don't stop it or slow the leak down then I would pull the covers on each cylinder and check to see if you have ring damage.

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    central kansas
    buy a yamaha and get rid of that murcury