Have fun but rep points are not a joke

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by loanwizard, Jan 31, 2008.

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    My friend and boating partner posted earlier this evening some sage advise. Those of us that have been around here a while kid each other, sometimes mercilessly and to some who may not know us, cross several lines so to speak. Phil and I first met on this site talking about fishing as many if not most come here to do. We both gravitated toward the opt in areas of High Intensity. There we found out our ideology was somewhat um... different. Though we've never met in person, I feel a certain kinship with him. Through private and not so private discussions we have found some common ground with regards to fiscal responsibility and organized religion. I had some similar experiences with other "conservatives" like Dayton Moses (Olefin) and Ol'Man (I call him Uncle Jesse). Now those two I had the honor of meeting in person at the first ever National Gathering. I found them to be absolute treasures, even though politically they are so sadly misled. (I know what does the young whippersnapper have over his elders?) Anyhow, today we had some fun about reputation points. However not all, especially maybe some newer folks might not have understood.
    Reputation points are like feedback on Ebay. You can't buy anything with them, and you can't buy the points themselves. One thing that people will give you for free is an opinion of your reputation. Therefore if you see a valuable post, one that deserves special recognition, whether it is fishing related, prayer related, something special, or just about life in general it is a feel good measure you can give to a brother or sister of the BOC that only takes a moment of your time. At the bottom of each and every post is a reputation button where you can "rep" a guy, either positively or negatively and even give a little comment. I can tell you, there are times when a little rep makes my day. I am proud of the fact that I have given negative rep out only one time since becoming a member and that was because a guy was advocating shark fishing illegally in front of a no shark fishing sign no less.
    Moving onward, my gem for today- If you do the samething today and tomorrow that you always do, where will you be in 5 years?
    Dare to be different. Identify your goals, plan for the sucess of those goals. There is a way to turn dreAMS TO REALITY AND IT IS CALLED A PLAN. iF YOU DREAM IT, MAKE IT A GOAL AND PLAN THE STEPS, YOU can attain anything (sorry for the caps I am not retyping).

    Thank you Jack for the gentle reminder. As much as I hate to admit it, you were right. You are still the anchor man. :wink:
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    I totally agree with what you are saying Shawn. In a perfect world that would be grand but, with as many members and as many posts that we now have the rep pts are sometimes given out when not necessary by judgement of some but are due by judgement of others. I did not, I hope say anything in my posts to hurt anyones feelings, although I did see others say things that were not to kind. I don't know what Phil had been through today. He might have had a bad day or had a fight with someone or anything else could have got in his craw. But, I don't feel like that we or the moderators of this site intended for rep pts. to be used as a competition. I thought that that is what fishin tournaments are for:wink:.

    Anyway, I appologize if I hurt anyone's feelings in the posts that I made but I still believe in what I said.

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    I've been in and out of BOC for a while myself. Yes reps do make a person feel good. I enjoy getting them.. It's the time I get them that counts.
    I respect the same members you do., we have disagreed in politics but, we have learned to understand between the lines, play a little, know who what and when its OK etc. There are only a hand full of members I feel good about saying some things to. Phil is one of them. I like cutting up with him.
    too be honest, if it wasn't for the older members , I would be in the dark lurking around.
    Sometimes it surprises me how y'all put up with my BS at times. Thanks
    Anyway. I'm tired so I'll stop typing tonight.

    Good post Shawn.
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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Its not where your dreams take you....but Where you take your dreams. LOL where have I heard that from? LOL:smile2:
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    Oakwood Georgia
    I have noticed I get rep points for the most mundane of posts I make but none for the imformative helpfull posts (yes I do have one once a leap year :)
    And I try to limit my positive reps for something that catches my eye not just a funny post some people just rep to rep but I guess to each their own on how they use them :roll_eyes:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i dont see why were making such a big freaking deal out of this crap.

    if wolfman makes me laugh over a stupid joke ill rep him. ive met him at a gathering once but feel like i know him. so reping him it like handing my buddie a beer. if i dont know ya ill thank ya unless its a great post. then ill rep. i rep new members just to get em going. it shouldnt be a political debate. there my reps to give case closed. if i give reps to a stupid post they were my reps to give.

    this turned into a big deal and its just to me a waste of time. if your counting reps why are ya here? im hear to help folks out and stay in touch with friends and make new ones. i value my reps cause ive been a member 5+years but i aint counting them. another waste of storage space. let go fishing cabin fever senority aint cutting it. sorry, my .02 cents. lol love ya.:wink:

    p.s. i dont limit my reps to a great decleration of independance. if a buddie posts someting to say thanks to me ill rep em. cause i can. the staff deserves every da&* rep they get for the work they do.
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    I came to this sight to learn about catfishing. I honestly can't justify my reps. They sure as heck ain't for my fishing expertise.
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    This is really something, Shawn has made another post I agree with!
    He's really a pretty nice guy if you can get away from the High Intensity section. :big_smile:

    Reps ain't got nothing to do with catfishing ability... I'll prove it, look at the size of my largest catfish in my profile. :smile2:

    I enjoy getting reps but I even more enjoy passing them out and I usually hit my limit everyday. I also like that theres no limit on hitting the "THANKS" button!

    New members should make a note of the one that has the most reps... he's been a BOC member for all of 10 months! :big_smile: