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    ok heres the deal me and a couple of friends have hit the water pretty hard one of real hard but going nuts on losing tackle and fish. We have switched to brand new line and the problem continues alot of time it hits runs just a second and then bam a snaged up fish and your line breaks myself have been using 12pd stren on one thats the only one i have had break with fish on but the others are 50pd braided and 25pd suffix these are hitting snag issues alot is there a better way to rig the poles that is effective to let the bait clicker just run with the fish we have been tying a egg sinker or no snag slip sinker and the hook so they could run with it is there a better set up that wont effect the way they run with the bait as to feel the tension of weight and pole? oh and he has had alot of break offs and he is using record 60 abu's and has tried suffix 25, 17, and 20pd line and 15pd stren.
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    Try fastening your weight on with something like 8 lb test line and only use one hook. Hopefully if it hits and runs, and you get a hook set, the weight will break off when it gets hung up, but you still have the fish on. If that don't work, try using just one pole with circle hooks. Hold the pole and when it starts its run (hopefully it will hook itself) you can keep it away from underwater snags. That don't work.... try a new place to fish or tell yourself the loss of terminal tackle is worth the fish. LOL

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    Heavier line, longer poles, and floats may help but nothing is 100% so just cope.
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    One thing to keep in mind is the under water structures the line is getting broken on. I have had this problem before and changed style of weight I used and the weight stopped getting hung in the rocks below water. I also try to elevate the tip of my rod as high as I can while it sits in the rod holder. And when I do have a fish on I hold the rod tip as high as possible while reeling him in. Keeping tension on the fish helps keep him from runing on you. Muscle up with some good braided line, and also try holding the rod like was mentioned above.
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    You can also make a sinker sacrificer from an old "J" hook. Take a pair of wire cutters and cut the tip of the hook off just above the bend. Tie the hook onto the mainline wherever you want the weight to hang from while casting. Attach the sinker with 6# or 8" test line; make the line as long as you want, so long as it's at least 8"-10" long. You can tie the light line onto your mainline anywhere you want. Tie a 4"-6" piece of heavy mono onto the sinker and make a loop in the free end of it. The mono needs to be at least 50# weight, so it will be stiff; the loop needs to be large enough to stick the tip of your little finger in it, although it can be larger. When you're ready to cast, use the heavy mono to hang the sinker on the cut-off hook. When it hits the water, it comes off the hook, leaving the sinker attached only by the light line.