Haste makes waste, and sometimes = stitches

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Jun 15, 2007.

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    yesterday evening while working a little overtime i got in a hurry
    to complete a task involveing running an outlet in a bedroom that
    only had 1 in it and required another for inspection.
    the walls were allready finished and i cut the outlet box opening in,
    then drilled a hole through the wall plate through to the basement which would end up haveing me to feed a wire through down behind the basement staircase , and from there tie into a new circuit i ran for a couple basement lights earlier last week.
    prior to this i helped out a new paint crew guy cut a couple
    trim boards to replace the door and window trim they had removed.
    he didnt have the right tools to make the 45 degree angle cuts and had allready nailed the sides on with crappy cuts at the top and had them already nailed / caulked in place .the top board wasnt matching at the angles so instead of haveing him remove them i cut the top board set it up in place marked and cut the angles free-hand with a
    rotozip right-angle attatchment with a miniature circular saw blade attatched:embarassed::embarassed::embarassed::embarassed::crazy:
    this is a wicked setup if not used properly as you will soon find out:tounge_out:.
    my brother in law has told me that one slip with that and i'll be wipeing
    with a hook:big_smile:.
    well in order to cut through a 1X or in this case the old thick trim board
    i removed the guard!:embarassed:.
    fortunately the trim job went well on the window .
    then it went well on the door trim task too. yee-ha
    after that i was doing the outlet work which ended with me in the basement needing to get behind the covered staircase.
    the staircase was covered with old oak tounge and grove with no opening
    so i had my little handy dandy rotozip with the miniature finger remover
    attatchment and i was in business well for about 6 seconds when
    i had cut through the first 14 inches and like an idiot i did a NO-NO
    you dont reverse the direction of travel against the work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it works well when the blade pulls itself into the wood.
    it wants to get all cuddley if you turn the tool forceing the blade to
    cut against the rotation. it ended up jumping out of my hand and the blade briefly contacted the back side of my hand:angry:.
    i'm very lucky as it only cut the top layer of skin missed the blood vessels
    and tendons:big_smile:.
    10 stitches later and i'm good to go.
    just wanted to share my ignorant mistake so others will be careful with tools . if something looks dangerous it probably is.
    this is the second time a roto tool with an improper accesory has caused me to get stitches . last time was 16 years ago and it caused about twice as many stitches .
  2. MRR

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    I know you have heard that old saying.However it don't sound like you learned 16 yrs ago:roll_eyes:.Now thats twice ,I don't think I'd go for the third time. Might not be so lucky next time. Now you know they put those gaurds on those tools for a reason.:eek:oooh: Right. Most time the darn thing is in the way so we take them off. Dumb isn't it.Just BE CAREFUL!!

  3. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Ouch, glad you did not cut anything off. Bring back bad memories from last summer when I tried to use Hedge trimmers to cut my fingernails. lol
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    O.P., KS
    Ouch - glad it wasn't worse but 10 stitches is bad enough.
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    I have seen this sort of thing happen before, with chain saws and hedge trimmers. It usually happens when guys are tired or in a hurry, or when they put themselves in a awkward position. I'm glad that you weren't cut very bad, Darryl. Thanks for posting.