Has this ever happened to you?

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    I just looked up the record for the state white cat it was 10lb 5oz the fish on the right in my avatar beat that by 7oz and I caught him on the Alabama side of Pickwick. Oh well the guy that I fished with caught one that was 22lbs which I think is world record for that species and unfortunately I still have him..... cut up in the freezer haha. I know that I can easly catch the record again I'm confident I know how and where to catch some big white cats the other one in my avatar was 9.9 and I caught them both from the same area and hopefully next time I go I can keep the fish to be officially weighed.
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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I don't think I've ever caught anything close to being a record, but it's hard to tell?
    They have so many records, it's hard to keep up with them all?

    I don't know if they have one, but they need a record book for fish that we could buy each year and keep up on the records.

    We could take it on our fishing trips and if we get a decent fish, we could look it up and see what the record is for that fish?


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    I used to fish up there 2 i know you can easily catch the record again