Has this ever happen to you?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Mac-b, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Several years ago I had a little cove that produced for me every time that I went into it. It had given me a couple of high 20's during tournament situations and plenty of fives and tens over a period of two years.

    One night I got a call from one of my customers at a sports store that I worked at part time (retirement job) and he said he had some friends that wanted to go catfishing the next day and could I put them on some fish. I said sure, but do me one favor and that is don't take out any thing over ten pounds from that area. He said he had no problem with that and I felt good about telling him about my honey hole.

    The next night he calls me and tells me that him and his bud's are having a fish fry and he thanked me for the advice. Then he went on to tell me that they caught a low twenty and a high twenty cat out of my spot. I said, you turned them loose, didn't you and he said "hell no, we butcher them and are eating them right now". In the excitement of catching these trophies, he forgot all about what I had requested. Sad, but true. This was a lesson learned hard!

    Now when someone calls and wants to know where to catch catfish I will be honest and tell them the general area, but not the specific spot. If they search and find them, they are welcome to them. But, most people take the easy way out and will not work for their catch. I have no problem with people keeping their catch (big or small), but when one shares info. about good cats and you tell them about them on the condition that they not harvest them and they do, that's another story.
  2. JimmyJonny

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    Mac, I feel for ya. I would be really pissed off. If that guys says he forgot to release the bigger fish I say he is a liar and I don't care if the person see's this post either.

    People take me to their spots and to be honest, I wont ever take anyone else to those spots. It's called respect.


  3. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    Yeah, usually when I have a honey hole, I am very careful about who I release that information too, not only do you run the risk of it getting over fished, or even worse what happened to you. Its a shame that there are just some people in this world who really don't care much about what you think. Even though you were nice enough to put them on fish, pretty disrepectfu on their part..:angry:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    If I wanna take ya fishin or ya wanna go fishin with me I'll take ya to all my haunts. If I am out on my boat fishin and you are someone that rides by and I don't know ya. I say I'm catchin nothin but grass and eels. I'll help when I can but go learn the river like I did.
  5. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    That is the reason why a secret honey hole should stay a secret.
  6. Plowboy411

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    I Never,never TELL that kind of info to any one.not my son, not my Mom,not my WIFE.LOL:big_smile:
  7. SkipEye

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    I am pretty free with that info, probably to a fault. Wait, let me regroup, If I know you CPR, then go have a blast. If you are the type that slaughters every fish you can catch, go clean out someone elses honeyhole, not mine.:confused2:

    But, if someone takes me to one of their holes I don't share that location with others without permission from the person that took me.
  8. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    If someone is kind enough to take me to one of "his" spots, I won't go back there, unless he takes me. It would embarass me if he pulled up, and there I was, on his spot. I'm funny that way, I guess.
  9. catfishrollo

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    yeah, its sad but it happens. i have learned the hard way also. i fish tournaments, and over the past few years i have found myself trying to hide more than im fishing. i have a couple of spots left, but i am careful when i go to them. i usually go to them later in the night... and if i hear another boat coming up the river, i quickly reel in and pickup anchor...nice post though, reminds some that were aren't bad people for not giving up spots, but simply have been taken advantage of....rollo
  10. Big Sam

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    I learned that one the HARD way too!!:smile2: That's why Johnny wears a Blind-fold when we leave the ramp!!:smile2::tounge_out: kidding aside though i guess that's one tool that will sue be a factor on whether a not someone is a real friend or not. Same applies to bait catching spots as far as i am concerned. Johnny and Allen know my spots and respect them and i there's. If they lay out a condition on one then i remember and follow it cause they showed trust in me:wink: I may poke a "little" in there sides but i guarntee ya i can trust them with any fishing hole, bait hole, boat, poles, or whatever they may need at the time. Some folks just don't care. Want to know a person watch there behavior cause it will reveal the truth everytime, instead of listening to what one says. i am sorry someone let ya down that ya trusted.:sad2:
  11. lawnman61

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    As a general rule of mine anyway is I release any catfish that is over 10lbs.
    I cpr all the time. I would never give someone elses honeyhole info to anyone else and I would only give out my honeyhole spots to select people...:wink:
  12. darkthirty

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    New Mexico
    I can relate to everything that has been said. It is a sad day when one is done that way. I practice giving general directions. If ask where I caught the fish I general say in the mouth. When ask where I was I generally reply south of town. This has earned me the following reputation:
    They say if you go with him he takes you in one way and out another, and never the same way to the same spot twice. Hay I have let a few people in on the secret holes.
  13. monimoon

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    It’s ok Mac we live and learn by our mistakes. :wink:
    Knowing the stipulations of fishing there you think he would have respected your requests. I hope the next time you see him you try to run him off with a piece of your mind.
    I had a similar situation happen to me with a trout hole. We would catch our limit with in the first hour. Ever since I can’t catch a thing there and I was forced to find another. It sucks but now I know better.:sad2:
  14. CatAngler

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    Omaha NE
    Sorry to hear about your luck. I don't clue in many people on my active fishing spots unless their close friends or family.

  15. sarSWAMPFOX

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    Union, South Caroilna
    Ethics, Respect, & Reputation
    This situation has happened to me before in the past but not as much lately. I have been shown honey holes by several quality fishermen over the years on a promise that I would not show it to anyone else and also that I would not fish the hole during a tournament against them. I have came upon friends of mine fishing a hole that was show to be by another fisher, they were confused at why I wouldn’t come fish near them as they were catching quite a few. I have to show respect for the fishers that help me in my search for fish by not releasing any info that is not all ready publicly known. Several guides in the area don’t seem to have a problem letting me know secrets as well as I don’t mind sharing my secrets with them. But I can’t let one guide know what another guide has shown me, If I did then I wouldn’t expect any more info. The problems I’m more confronted with now are fishers following or finding me out on the water then anchoring up near by. I know that some holes are known by pretty much by everyone in the area but when the same boat shows up off your stern several times in one day and then again on other lakes as well, that’s a bit to much.
  16. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I learned that one the hard way too. A person has to be a really good friend to learn of my honey holes now. And really good friends in life are far and few between. Take care of the ones you have.:wink:
  17. katcatchingfool

    katcatchingfool New Member

    i guess i am guilty to. i have taken three different people out in the river for the first time of their lives. they went out and bought boats and now they fish against me in tourney's
  18. Yellercat

    Yellercat New Member

    I take the same approach. Living next to an area where fishing pressure can be heavy, I spend a lot of time locating and learning the river as it changes. I will at least warn passer by about shallow spots and rock riffles so they don't tear a prop up...but the fishing is always slow and nothin's bittin'
  19. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    I've always been pretty free with my fishing spots. Probably been burned a few times, but I have made many good friends and converted several people to the idea of selective harvest so I feel it has paid off in the long run.