Has anyone here been catin on Shale Lake.

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    Me and my brother are pondering on buying a family pass to shale lake for $160 a year. Our 1969 chrysler ski/fish boat has finally kicked the bucket so i'm shore bound untill we find something else. I'm sick of the public fishing areas there always trashed with beer cans/boxes and are all over fished. I'm seriously lookin into throwing down on a year pass for shale lake, its near staunton and it a fenced off private lake/campground, the only way in is by swiping a card to open the gate(its pretty cool). A buddy of mine has taken me out there crappie fishing a few times but he is a crappie and bass hound, so he has no idea about the catfishin. I plan on asking about all the fishing info before we buy the pass but i just wanted to know if any fellow BOC brothers have been out there. PS i hope you guys are all doin good, there has been some tough times around here but it aint nothin a night on the lake cant fix.:wink: