Has anyone caught flatheads at pleasants

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  1. luv2fishaz

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    I was curious if anyone has caught flatheads at pleasant. I have heard that they are there. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the BOC from kentucky im sure there is someone here that can answer your question

  3. azfisher

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    There is a guy that posts That caught at least a few there a month or two ago. If I remember right one was like 30lbs or so. I also remember something about him using a kayak to get to his fishing spots. You probably can look back on these threads and read his post. I never have though but I don't fish pleasant much. Hope this helps
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    Peoria, Arizona
    Follow this link...

    Other than this, Pleasant is pretty quite most of the time.. I think it is because not a lot of people go to Pleasant for flathead.. I actually don't fish this lake very much because of all the noisy boat traffic... Fact is, this lake took in a lot of water about 15 years ago which introduced stripers and flatheads...
    ~ I gotta imagine that if those first string cats that came in when the water was added are still around, they should be pretty big by now...

    ** I think the Agua Fria would be your best bet..
    * If you can find a nice sandy beach near some boulders or near a steep drop off, you might have some luck...
    ~ One of my biggest problems with fishing for flats at Pleasant is all the snags.. Most times, I can't do anything right there...

    ** For a lot of us here, the Agua Fria above Pleasant is uncharted territory.

    Good luck~
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    Welcome luv2fishaz! Ya I haven't fished plez sense early Feb but me and my two friends that fish with me from my kayak have got about 15. All over nine pounds. all were 9 to twelve accept the 32 and 26 me and Justin got in the river a few days before it closed.

    I work at Fisherman’s Choice and was talking to a guy spooling up his reels. Said he was striper fishing around the 1702 sighs (near the entrance to the river). He said he was catching small ones then all the sudden one rod went down hard. Spent twenty minutes reeling in a thirty pound flat that apparently ate a small striper that hooked itself. He got it on twelve pound test!

    I think there are bigger ones there. Just most guys fishing for flats don't fish plez and it is full of snags lol.

    I think they are growing fast eating all those tiny stripers that are all over the lake.

    Catch blue gills or use cut carp near channels, points or submerged islands. It has worked for me. They are few and far between though.

    Good luck! Come by fisherman's choice and tell me how you do.
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    Its a shame Game and Fish doesnt do anything for the catfish on arizona waters. We could have some really good catfishing, but it seems emphasis is always on bass and trout. I think they dont even want catfish as they tend to prey on the native endangered fish. I cant understand why they have a no limit policy on certain waters for flatheads.