has anybody fished Harvey County East Lake

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  1. gbennett21

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    i was planning on going this weekend and i would like some info on were to fish never been but looks like a good lake so if you been there some advice would be nice like were to fish (i only shore fish)since i dont have a boat this is almost 1hr away so i really need help catching fish here.:confused2:

    p.s here is a picture of the lake i have never been so if you guys have any sugestons on were to fish let me know even if you havent been there. i havent and the way gas prices is i would at least like to catch some good cats to eat if im going to drive 1hr away.so please help with ideas the fishing report says there bitting stinke bait...

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  2. rwg

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    fish off the dam, about haft way down, also try where the tube goes under the road between the two sides, there are some good ones in harvey east
    i would start with worms or shadsides , on the east side try the third jetty, its about 12 foot deep straight out from the jetty, isa good lake to fish from the bank good luck rwg

  3. 01richard

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    kansas wichita
    a buddy from work has been going every night this week fishing of the jetty by the dam and has been caughting a lot of white bass shallow
  4. Ryan11r

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    Newton Kansas
    Been catching eater size all over the lake from boat the last two weeks. Nothing over three pounds. Danny King Blood has been working the best for me but chicken liver allways works there as well. I hope too make it out there sunday if the wind dies down a little.
  5. leftylady14

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    There are some nice channel in East Lake. Biggest I've caught out there was 6 pounds, but I've seen 12 pounds and larger. They stock it on Memorial and Labor days with 2 to 4 pounders. There is an automatic feeder at Captain's Cove near the covered boat dock and launch ramp. I don't know the feeder schedule this year, but last year it was around 7:30 AM & PM. There will be hundreds of carp around when the feeder goes off, but the cats are there too. I've almost always had better luck in that little cove than anywhere else on the lake. The prevalent South wind blows a lot of goodies in there and a creek feeds the North end when it rains.

    Good Luck!
  6. toolmaan

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    I know I'm a little late on this thread but I have been fishing Harvey County East for several years now. The largest one I caught was 9.5 lbs. I fish from the shore, west side of east lake road, 2nd pier out. now I do stay out there several hours, about 1 or 2 AM is when you can catch good size channel cat. I tried to use shad gizzards, but they have been hard to find lately. Usually I can catch several fish on a given night, with at least one of those over 5 lbs