has any one fished straweberry yet.

Discussion in 'LOCAL UTAH TALK' started by montgomery#1, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. montgomery#1

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    ogden utah
    hay any one fished strawberry yet im goin on the 3rd of febuary and want to know what there hitting on. any help would be awesome. thanks in advance.:0a31:
  2. dookiechrist

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    good day zeb!! i went to strawberry last sunday...good times!! only caught 4 fish between 4 of us...slow day but fun! over the years i've gotten to know strawberry halfway decent and we all know that some days and some bays are better than others.. normally i would tell you to use the smallest jig you can find in pink, green, white, or glow in the dark. tipped with wax worm or night crawler chunk. sundays lonely lovely fish was caught on a white 3" tube jig with a 3"-4" minnow on it. the big cutthroat up there like to take the bait on the drop so if you see your line slack up.....set the hook!! and experiment with the jigging action, sometimes they like it moving sometimes they dont... good luck, have fun and stay warm.........:0a26::0a18: