Hartwell Stripers

Discussion in 'Striper Fishing' started by JimmyJonny, Aug 2, 2009.

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    We tried for 4 hours yesterday but we were only able to find 1 Striper, a cat, and a spotted bass.

    Bautiful morning out there with about 70F air temp, 0-3mph winds out of the SW, water temp on the main was almost 83F.
    But......It was one of those days where you see them, and you even see them go right to your bait on the graph, but they wouldn't touch it.

    Bait used was bluebacks in water from 26'to 130' on down rods, we also put out one free line,,,most fish held in the 40' depth, fish were everywhere but on the end of my hooks, LOL.

    Oh well...I guess I will use up these 2 dozen herring I still have on Cats tonight ; )

    Hope ya'll are doing better than I.


    Just talked to my Bambu, who is fishing now,and he got him a 20# blue off a free line in over a 100' of water...LOL