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    Ok everybody,I'm tired of having to drive all the way to the bait shop every time I need bait.Could someone please tell me where and how to catch blue backs and gizzard shad on hartwell or keowee or anywhere else around here.I can throw a net,just need to know where? Also,I've always heard of people catching herring on gold hooks---no bait--is there anything to it?If so how and where do you do it--night with lights--daytime? any and all help/advice welcome.
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    Tiny gold hooks and Sabika rigs will catch herring.Tommy is probably the best person to tell you how to catch em with the Sabikas.I've always heard you can catch em in the daytime like that especially around the warm water discharge on Keowee.As far as gizzard shad, long muddy, shallow creeks are best for them.To my knowledge they want bite a hook so thrownet is the way for them.If you know of a creek that has a shallow rocky bottom I would try there.They like to feed on that algae that grows on the rocks and what not.Last week on Greenwood the water temp was 44 degrees and I was catchin them in 2 to 8 foot of water so dont let the shallow water fool you.

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    I Have caught about 3 pounds of shad in Keowee using a light off of a dock that was about 10-15 feet deep. The plankton and stuff come in, then the little bugs, next thing you know you have a giant school of shad infesting the light. Other than that, they are a little hard to catch during the day. I would go with using a light on Keowee, or going to the skimmer wall on the oconee half of keowee
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    when i have caught them i used lights at night with a throw net, you dont have to have a bunch of light, but of couse the brighter the faster they will come in.
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    I believe the best time to catch herring on hartwell is at night under some lights either with a cast net or sabiki rig. the only yhings is that on occasion a small hybrid or large mouth will take a sabiki rig with him once you catch a bait. I have caught large 12 inch gizzard shad on a sabiki rig under lights at night but i can count them on one hand. Gizzards can be caught in the backs of alot of big coves that have alot of shallow water in the backs of them. also under lights you can catch hickory shad with minnows. they are about 8 to 12 inches long and look like a blue back herring. they keep real weel and gont get soft like herring do. but it is illegal to transport them to another lake and they are a limit on them. i dont remember what it is though. as far as keowee i have no clue.